Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Elie Saab.

Sat. 03/07/2015.

Despite what might be seen as his best efforts, Elie Saab cannot seem to stop himself from overindulging himself on superfluous excess. His Fall 2015 treatise on Darkly elegant glamour was bogged down by a surfeit of beaded lace insets, ripples, folds, and scrolls of fabric that obviously were meant to look fluid, but looked instead just heavy and unneeded. With all this going on, one would be lead to think the collection would be overtly Snazzy... In all actuality, it was boring and even more sadly, Fusty and Dated. The Glamour came off as stale and had very little opulence to it. 

Surely, There were options that captured a modern spirit, an embroidered Black coat paired with Flatteringly cut trousers and an ascot neck blouse also in Black had a YSL flair to it in the contemporary sense, but other than that... the collection sorely needed an edit and a less weighty hand at the helm. Also, Saab is in INTENSE need of a Refresh, his collections have become almost comically predictable with no sense of the mirth that comedy would allude to. Fall was simply another occasion for Saab to gratify his Saccharine penchant for Embellishment and Decadence. And like most such indulgences... It grew unpalatable quickly. 

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