Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Martin Grant.

Sat. 03/07/2015.

If the world were mine, I'd give Martin Grant control of a Major Fashion house and the unlimited resources therein and let him have a Gay Old Time! Hermes. Saint Laurent. DIOR! His aesthetic and skills are Juicily ripe for Haute Couture and for Luxury RTW! Yet, Grant is not a showman, so that Extroverted aspect might confound him a trifle in the current climate of Big, Bigger, BIGGEST Defile experience (where the Reigning masters of this Metier are Undisputedly, Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs!) but given time and the too delicious not to indulge giddiness of such Extravaganzas, he might find his niche... or he could simply be the voice that quiets down all the Social Media and Celebrity Obsessed Cacophony that has permeated the Fashion industry... Again, if given the chance. 

In The Now, Grant quietly, masterfully, perfects his craft season after season with the most gloriously covetable and discerning clothes on the market! Fall 2015 saw Grant inject something of a more modern, even sportif, spirit into his usually Ultra-Refined aesthetic. A new casual approach lent the clothes much in the way of Contemporary attitude, The work of YSL was evident, as it is always, in Grant's collections, and this time it came to the fore in the way of a "Le Smoking" inspired Jumpsuit, or in the Slithery slink of a Silver Lame evening gown. Also of note, a supple Chocolate Leather skirt teamed with a Simple Turtleneck had Rive Gauche swagger in Spades.

Grant is one of the most accomplished designers on the Fashion Circuit that somehow keeps himself quietly under the Radar. With clothes this Incredible. that might need to change, Post Haste!

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