Thursday, April 21, 2016


Mon. 03/08/2015.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon's Fall 2015 Kenzo collection was odd in the utmost. It almost didn't qualify as Fashion. To be honest, it was a total and complete disappointment and letdown. The Colours were Wrong, the Styling... Wrong. Generally everything... WRONG! What the duo were particularly trying to say with this befuddling opus seemed obtuse to the point of confusion, Rain Ponchos, Long Tunics, Asymmetry, Head-to-Toe Matched prints... An entire dazzling array of Absolute Bullshit! 

This collection faltered on every level, if not flat out failed totally, it was hard to find any redeeming quality amongst the perplexing throng. The worst offense, the Egregious colour scheme... it is perhaps the only time that Nauseating would have been a preference to the totally Psychotic combinations of hue posed here!  Possibly, individual pieces could be salvaged into something coherent, a Tunic here, a Jacket there, a Poncho or two... but shown as is... Toss it all in the Dumpster. Sign the DNR forms for the collection presented here and take no heroic measures to save it, it was lost from the inception!! 

That's All.


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