Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fausto Puglisi.

Weds. 02/25/2015.

Gianni Versace is quite Obviously, Very close to the Heart of Italian designer Fausto Puglisi. In some form or other, he has channeled the Halcyon Heydays of the Too Soon departed Maestro, in nearly every collection he has done. To varying degrees, the inspiration has either been Subtle or Sledgehammer Blunt. Fall 2015 is a case of the Latter, And THANK GOD! As of recent collections, Puglisi has schlepped forth one Dreckish collection after another, The clothes vacillating from either Severely Tacky and Cheapish to Bombastic and Overdone. Here, He hit the Nail Square and True and distilled all those Delicious Gianni-isms into a Puglisi flavoured essence that was Unrequitedly Sex Laden and Lustily Bawdy!

Hardly anything was left unembellished in this Cavalcade of Skin and Sparkle. From Suns and Coral to Geegaw sized Gems, the mood of Unrestrained Exuberance and Luxuriating in Excess permeated the collection in the best possible way! What saved this from being a Masturbatory orgy of Gluttonous Indulgence was the sophisticated hand Puglisi showed with much of the collection. Steely Control and Discretion led Puglisi to such things as a Beautiful Camel Coat trimmed in Black Mink and Black Leather pants surmounted by huge Gobstopper Jewels and Chains, the balancing out the Sobriety of the coat with the Extroversion of the Jewels was Acutely Precise. Or how a Swingy swirly Zebra print Halter neck shift was embroidered with Crystals and Beads only on the top 1/3 of the dress, in muted Jewel tones no less! 

Puglisi got the Versace Spirit just right this time around and it showed. Take a look at the Yellow Shift dress with the Black Fur hem with Black embellished Patch Pockets and Straps... It was a Masterpiece and Evoked Gianni at his best! As did the simple and brief Black Sheath near the end of the show with a Fur band at the Bodice and decorated with Jewels and a Chain-Link Belt. It was evident that Puglisi is putting his Best Foot Forward with this collection and showing he is the Big-Time Player on the Fashion Field that he has been showing promise of being since his Debut a few years ago. This collection simply, finally, Harnessed his powers and let them shine as Brightly as all those Jewels he had Studding his Looks! 

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