Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Antonio Berardi.

Mon. 02/23/2015.

If the Goal that was trying be achieved was to Consternate and Dismay, then Antonio Berardi plotted a trajectory that landed squarely home on that course of action with his Fall 2015 collection! How Berardi let this tragic lapse in judgement leave the Workroom is a bizarre Mystery in need of solving. The Asymmetrically folded Flamenco Ruffles, the strange and alien gathered bunches of fabric at the hem, the inflated volumes... It was so Appalling and downright Outlandish that it almost seemed Revolutionary, and in the spirit of drinking the Kool-Aid, it began to grow on you, despite your better judgement. 

Berardi let the collection best him on an immense scale, it was so much wrong going on, that the right things in the collection got shoved out into the margins and forgotten. Berardi's tailoring was as always, right on target. However, not content to let that be enough, Berardi began futzing around with the fabric, Swooping it and Folding and Inflating and Ruffling it, inspired as he was by that most overrated Architect of the Eyesore, Frank Gehry and his recent Catastrophe, The Foundation Louis Vuitton Pour la Creation.

As the collection meandered towards it's end, Berardi's experiments began to make a home in one's Imagination and somehow, as still undeniably unattractive as they were, a sense of Atrocious Beauty set in and one could see the Odd viability of these options. It was the most curious of sensations and caused one to reflect on the clothes in a new light. It was still troubling in the deepest meaning of the word, but that became something to be embraced and in a way, applauded!

Berardi managed to accomplish an improbable feat, creating something distractingly Unattractive and imbuing it with novel beauty and unique interest. Not all was of this precious Ilk, but the pieces that were, stuck in the imagination and took root there. It wasn't by any means Great, but it was provocatively Arousing and Stimulating!

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