Monday, September 7, 2015

No. 21.

Wed. 02/25/2015.

It was so Dauntingly and Mind-Blowingly difficult an endeavour to parse out exactly what Alessandro Dell'Acqua was trying to say with his Fall 2015 No. 21 collection, Dell'Acqua was all over the map with an Inconsistent and Wandering narrative that never fully settled on one unifying idea to tie it all together. There were many ideas, and none of them seemed to correlate to each other, Grey Herringbone with a rather Cheap and Gaudy Gold Brocade, Fan pleats in White and Peach, Vestal Virgins all in White, Taffeta Tiers... It was all a Jumbled mass of Mess!

Individually, with the exception of those Irritatingly Odd Pleated Tiered skirts, There were pieces that were Viable and quite interesting, The pieces in the Needlepoint Tree prints with Embroideries of Peacocks and other Birds were Gorgeous, Aside from those pieces... Confusion! Dell'Acqua is a Quizzical man, sometimes offering us Wonderlands of Fashion Goodness and at times, Bleak Landscapes of Utter Dismay! This collection was a Seriously Chagrin Inducing case of the Latter!

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