Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hunter Original.

Mon. 02/23/2015.

Spectacular and Directional Outerwear is the Name of the Game at Hunter Original. Alasdhair Willis has been Kicking things up a few notches every season at Hunter and is proving he is on to something. Yet the tedium is about to start to set in and Willis would do himself an Extraordinary amount of good to take a Page or two from Giambattista Valli who Reinvigorated the Moncler Gamme Rouge Label by now moving it into Sportswear and More. The Strolling out of Coat after Coat after Lovely Coat can grow stale ever so quickly, and if that's all he continues to produce, that Staleness will set in before Willis even knows it!

The Fall 2015 show was dominated by Puffy pieces and shone best when the Puff was deflated and some Real tailoring was shown,  A short Black and Charcoal Buttonless Spencer was Splendid paired with Black Corduroy Culottes and a Army Olive Poncho had Wardrobe Staple written all over it. All-In-All not a Spectacular showing, but a Positive one, If Willis can cure the Monotony and bring in some real design and some Sportswear, he might just have something great on his hands, if not... the ride won't last very long! 

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