Friday, September 4, 2015


Mon. 02/23/2015.

Savage. Raw. Powerful. All words that convey the nearly Pre-Historic Cave Woman Elegance of the Fall 2015 Joseph collection designed Superbly by Louise Trotter. It was neither a Conventional or Easy to Love collection, but it was one of those that moves you to your core! Trotter's collection had a Brutal and Organic Minimalism to it that made it look Offhanded, when it was all rather quite complex. Every exit was Finely Calibrated to Resonate with the one that came before and after it, so that you felt as if there was a Circular and Continuous Narrative to the collection. 

Filled with intellectually, as well as sartorially stimulating clothes, Trotter served up a bounty of Smart, Interesting pieces for the Modern, Deconstructionist Woman. The Nomadic, Artfully Disheveled look was expertly presented with Luxe outerwear and crafty, organic sportswear replete with twisty shapes, intricate draping and restrained colourations. Trotter was as Thoughtful and Considered as her customer IS, and will BE with such garments. They never really Suggested the body, but they cleverly accentuated it, even with all the strapless pieces, there was a Dignity to these clothes that never sidled into the Flirtatious. This is a Cerebral Woman, who doesn't need the power of her body to achieve anything, including Sex and Seduction.

Everything, pretty much was of an Exceptional Ilk, From Anna Cleveland's Zip front Plaid Blanket coat, reconstructed with a floppy Portrait collar and to the hem Lapel, to the Dropped sleeve Neanderthalian, Brown Mink jacket that was dual mix Savage and Elegant ! Even more Exciting, the Cocooning feel of the Rapturously Deluxe Knits in Long, Chunky sweaters and matching Skirts that showed plenty of Leg, but never were Salacious! And, the Trio of Patched together Slip dresses wrought from Silk Scarves, were a feat of Technical Brilliance and Sensual Exquisiteness!

Trotter is a New-ish voice in the fashion landscape, though not in the world of Fashion having been at Joseph for years before deciding to take it to the Catwalk. Her voice is an Original one, as well as a Vibrant one, and one that I have no fear of losing the love of the Sound of!

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