Friday, September 4, 2015


Mon. 02/23/2015.

Even though the Models may have been Campily Vamping it up and the Clothes had more than just a Hint of the Gothic about them, Giles Deacon Fall 2015 show was actually a more Subtle affair than the presentation may have insinuated it was. The clothes themselves, Elaborate though they may have been, in reality, approached something more Wearable and Communicative than usual for Deacon. Deacon infused a more, "Madame" nature into the clothes that, even though there was a Perverse sense of the Macabre, made sure the garments on display never ventured into the realm of Outlandishly Unwearable. 

In all due Honesty, with all the Theatrics and High Drama a la Le Grand Guignol, the clothes didn't fully live up to the hype. Deacon is more at home when he is Pushing limits and Going WAY out on a Limb, it's the place where he does his best work and where is Imagination Burns the Brightest. Here, it felt more like Costume and Vacuous. There was no Depth to the work. It was a Bawdy fun time and produced Major Moments of Fashion Love, But that Deacon sense of Tap Dancing on the Fine Edge of a Greased Razor Blade was missing, to coin a Macabre Phrase to go along with the setting, Like it's Heart had been ripped right out it's chest! 

Maybe that was the reason for all the Play-Acting... everything was so conformist, it needed a little Drama to give the pieces life. This IS the man who put a Giant Bat (Of the Winged Rodent kind) on the head of Binx Walton Not too long ago! As it lay, Deacon did put on one Helluva Show, However therein lay the rub, Cus even with the clothes being Quite Lovely, This effort felt like it was nothing more than Just for Show! 

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