Thursday, February 7, 2013

Costello Tagliapietra. Spectacular, Spectacular!

It Started with an Outfit of Quiet, Almost 40's Like Precision! A Warm and Inviting Teddy Bear Collar Coat  (Only right for the Handsomest Teddy Bears in Fashion, Wouldn't you say!??! ;-) ) it had a Louche Insouciance as it was closed over the Pure, Exquisite Fluidity of the Deep Burnt Orange Jersey Dress Flowing underneath! It was a New Moment for the Gruff, Bearish Gentleman with the Big Paws and Most Decidedly DELICATE Touch in those Paws Of Any Designer In NY! The Sublimely, Blissfully, Enchantingly Beautiful Drapes and Folds and Ruches these men produce is at times often Scary! Their Knowledge of a woman's body is almost Clinically perfect! After the opening Exit we were given More Jersey Magnificence in a Pale Grape Ballet Neck Wrap Bodice Dress that was coloured Underneath in a wildly differing shade! It Was Simply, Magical! It is this Beautiful, Wizard like Construction that makes Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra's Work so Ablaze with Feminine Charm! Their women are never wafting in these Masterpieces, these clothes are their accomplices in their Powerful Trek through the world and they let them retain all their Womanly Wiles whilst also comforting them and never letting them forget their true power IS Their Femininity!

So, After opening strong, the collection continued on Strong, The Collection really never Wavered Once... it was Small, Compact, To The Point, Deadly Accurate, Like a Stiletto! Nothing Extraneous or Unnecessary! The AirDye Florals were Pretty and Almost Abstractionist in their approach, but were perfect for any Situation, From an Office meeting to Drinks with friends! There were Traditional Chunky Sweaters, which were actually totally new for the duo, A Jumpsuit that only perhaps passingly winked at YSL (The Yves Years, Not Tom or Stefano or Hedi!) A Electric Purple Ballet wrap top with a Fluo Pink Skirt... But Then, Exit No. 15.... HEART STOPPING!!!!! UTTER PRECISION! The Cut of the Snuggly Jacket with it's Hidden Button Closure, The Achingly Gorgeous Juxtaposition of the Colours... The Smart and Flattering fit of the Bi-Colour Trousers... This was DEFINITELY Another Wink to YSL but only to his MAJESTIC Colour sense that has been heretofore unrivaled, Most amazingly in his Tri-Colour Silk Gowns he used to do almost in every collection that consisted of a gown with One colour for the bodice, another for the skirt and always a heavy, yet liquid Sash at the waist in another colour.... this had that same sensibility and it worked as Effortlessly! Even the Jacket was a perhaps a little Nod to that Greatest of Masters...

The Rest of the collection Flowed with their Hallmarks and Showed their Gentle Evolution of Twist and Drape and Flou! The last 3 dresses were Fetching on the highest of orders... and as always, the collection was so perfectly judged and was just enough to have you begging for more... but there was no more. the show was over and you are left with a whimsical, yet cerebral Smile on your face.

Again, Gentleman, You Succeeded by being yourselves and Quietly, Gracefully Evolving your Signatures and Hallmarks and consistently making women look Beautiful and Powerful and Intelligent and Glorified! It's Tough work I Know, But Lord, SOMEONE Has to do it, Right?  Merci, Jeffrey and Robert!

That's All...


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