Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Quick Reviews.... BCBG Maz Azria & Richard Chai Love.

Keeping these Short,

BCBG Max Azria:

Alright, There wasn't much in this Collection to Write or Rave About. It was a Mismanaged Mishmash of a Disaster. Really. The one High Point were the TRULY BEAUTIFUL Fur toppers on some of the outfits. Otherwise this collection was Mired In The Directionless. Pointless would also be a Good word. Nobody in their right minds, Istanbul Bohemian or No, would want to dress like this! Some High Points, Yes there were a few, Exits 14 and 19... No. 14 A top and Skirt Deep Claret Leather with Laser Crewel like Cutouts was Very Nice and No. 19 had the same feel in White but was actually White Over-Layered on Sheer Black. The Three White Exits near the end Nos. 26, 27 and 28 were Quite interesting and pretty but that was pretty much all that could be said for this collection. This Label seems to have hit a brick wall and has floundered Deeply with coming up with Practical Ideas and Inspiring Material for it's collections. The House needs to hit the Refresh button and come up with something Bold and Beautiful, And PDQ Too!

Richard Chai Love:

Richard Chai's Love collection for this Fall/Winter season was a Unique And Somewhat Eccentric Soujourn into the Androgyne! There was a Unique Peculiarity to the collection that worked in it's Favor, The Girls and Boys all looked quite alike and one could have easily imagined the Women wearing the Men's Exits as Vice Versa! The Muted Colours were not of the Depressing Ilk but surely were Serious and Not Ebullient, Save A Couple Purple Brocade Numbers and the Final 2 outfits in A Purple Royal Enough for Duchess Kate! The Strong Utilitarian Streak running through the collection could have no doubt brought to mind Joseph Altuzarra's SMASHING Spring collection, one had to expect that wave to hit this season after Altuzarra's Triumphant Collection. But this was a Strong and if Not Particularly personal effort for Chai, it was certainly one that would win him Kudos.

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