Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cushnie et Ochs... Going Where No MAN Has Gone...

Friday 02-08-2013

Cushnie et Ochs:

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs Presented one of the Absolutely Strongest Collections of the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 season with Effortless Ease and Sophistication and a Certain new Classicism to their usually overtly MODERNE Vocabulary! Stunning was a word to be used with Aplomb in this collection as well ans Beautiful, Daring, Sharp, Sexy, Elegant and Tasteful!

It Started with White On White with Icy Proto-Punk/Hitchcock Blondes with Shadowy, Smouldering Eyes and Berry Stained Lips and was Clinically Clean and Stark, Spooky Almost in that Greatest of McQueen ways! Melissa Tammerijn came out Second in an outfit that showed only legs in the skin department but was Coolly covered from Neck to wrist in blinding white in a Turtleneck and sleeveless dress combo that was Killer Simple But Deadly Accurate! Next, A Most UTTERLY Desirable White Co-Jack (Coat-Jacket) that was the HEIGHT of Minimal yet Incomparably Maximal with it's Yeti White fur lining. Precise is too lackluster a word to describe the outfit that was composed of that jacket/coat and dress under... Then Ruby Aldridge Strolled out in  Ultra-Modern Utilitarian White Wide pants and Short Sleeved Shirt, WINNING!

From there the show Progressed from one Strength to the next and one Marvellous Outfit after another, keeping the Edit short and sweet, we were left wanting so much more, but got just what was enough to get us high... More Winners... Exit No. 7, A Green Jersey Dress that Showed off just slices of Collarbone and Thigh and Insinuated more than any garment has a right to... Exit No. 9 in a slightly darker shade of Green Jersey with a deep neck and self collar that had just the right amount of Costello Tagliapietra about it to show that these ladies have some serious drapee skills! Exit No. 11 SINISTER! A Sleek Limning Sheath of Black with an Innovative Pointed Neckline that was Spy Sexy in that Bond-Girl Kinda way and stuck to the ribs more than Grandma's Mac and Cheese! Exit No. 14 needs to be Photographed IMMEDIATELY By Bazaar or Vogue because it was the Scene Stealer of the collection... A Cropped black Kangaroo Suede Jacket with Oversized collar worn over a Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck and a Slim Slip of a skirt in the most    Scintillatingly Moody print of sun peeking through a canopy of trees that hit the floor and left a short trail of fabric in it's wake. The Pulse RACED at this Piece of Glorious Fashion! There was More, SO MUCH MORE, but it would take days to properly espouse the Fabulousness of it all! But a few parting Shots, The 2 final Evening Gowns were Sexy With a Capital SEX and were not in the slightest Trampy or even Vampy for that matter but the Black Coat with Fur Lining over the Leather Blouse and High Waist Flannel Trousers.... That Had YSL Louche written all over it and the master himself couldn't have done it better!

That's All....


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