Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helmut Lang.... Forever Cool

Friday: 02-08-2013

Helmut Lang:

Remember when There was Nothing More Essentially Modern and Cool Than Helmut Lang in Fashion!?!? He and He Alone worked that Effortlessly Conceptual Modernistic Cool vibe like no one's Business... back in the 90's when my tastes were less... MATURED... and all I loved was Chanel and Versace and Ferre at Dior... I Thought Helmut should have been strung up by his very big and beefy toes and Horsewhipped! Again... My tastes were not fully formed as they are now and I can appreciate his Deft, Languid sense of Modernity and Yes... COOL!

WELL.... Nicole and Michael Colovos have seemed to tap back into that Vein of Modern Cool That Olde Helmut Used to mine so Brilliantly! The collection they Colovos' Put forth for Fall/Winter 2013 Positively Crackled With Excitement and a look towards the Future of Fashion. The Inspiration was Picasso Cubism, And it was handled with Enthusiasm and with Discretion as well... from the mixed Media of the Opening outfits to the More Loudly Aggressive Black/White graphic print pieces that followed... After that what shone was the Skillful Tailoring of the Lang Workrooms... The Coats and Suits and Slim, Sexy Pants that were shown throughout were Standouts and made to Covet! Exit No. 10 In particular was Insanely Drool Worthy and A MUST-Have for Next Fall, a Slim Minimalistic Black coat with hidden closures and a fold down collar of fur in Black was Endearingly Simple and Monastic but Quietly Powerful! There was more Mixed Media Exits in either Black Leather and Black Fabric or reinventions of Picasso's Cubist works in White with Tan or A beautiful Marine Blue/Grey/Striped Black And White... there even was a kinda Comic Ode to Talking Heads in Exit No. 23 with a Overtly Padded White Jacket that was quite reminiscent of David Byrne's Famous Hugely Oversized Blazer Costume from the 80's. The Hits Kept Coming... Exit No. 28, A Stone Coloured Trench with Buff Leather Sleeves... A Perfect Little Boxy black jacket with an Asymmetrical Skirt at Exit No. 37... A SHARP Drop waist Tuxedo Jacket Ensemble in Exit No. 39 and the Finale Pieces, Glittering with Black "Cubist" Sections of Beads were also a Very Fashion Forward way of dressing for evening! And the last gown was actually Drop Dead Sexy!  Cool and Modern. Forward and Chic! More could certainly not be asked for!

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