Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick Reviews: Edun & Kate Spade.

Hello Again. This Blog Stuff is Hard! LOL! But I am trying to play some catch up here before i get to far behind... (want to Post Weds. Morn RIGHT after The Michael Kors Show, So tomorrow may be a Marathon Session when i get home!) But here are a couple more...

Firstly, I love the Juxtaposition of these two shows being reviewed on the same blog and know that they could not be More Opposite if they tried, but where as one would think one of these shows the obvious Success, it, to me at least, is just not the case. That said Case, In Point....


Bono and His wife of EONS Ali Hewson created this Label and Installed Sharon Wauchob as the Designer... Ok, Instant Cool Right...??? I mean, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.... IT'S BONO! but even though this collection did drip Instant Cool (and i do love the Current Ad Campaign with the Elephant) This collection was more like Just Drippy. AND Droopy. And Really, Not a lot of fun! It was... Seriously URBAN with a Capital UR! But it came off, Haphazard and Thrown together and not in that Good Ole John Galliano Way (YES! I MENTIONED HIM!) The First Exit on Julia Nobis (Unlike Lindsay Wixon, I don't think this DRAB, Pale Ghost of a Thing will EVER Grow in me!) was Particularly Punky Cool and Augered well for the rest of the Show, A Acid Yellow/Black Tweed suit with Leather Accents over leather leggings with black contrast sleeves... Check and Mate. But after that, things went... Shall we just say... Inelegant! The cool Punk Vibe began to Fizzle almost Immediately, Let's Face Unless you're Dame Westwood or The poor departed Lee Alex McQueen, there isn't much you can do with punk that doesn't look silly if you don't twist it somehow... and Utilitarian, Altuzarra-esque looks aren't going to cut it. Some Nice Pieces. SURE.... But few and far betwixt and between! It all just looked Haphazard and Thrown Together and Sadly... Uninspired! Like some kinda Rag & Bone Warehouse closeout sale, and That doesn't sound Awe-Inspiring no matter HOW you phrase it! BTW, The Menswear on the other hand Rocked The Casbah in that Punk Strong Way that the Clash (see what i did there! ;-) ) Would have appreciated Greatly! Wauchob Just Missed the Mark and to Quote Founder Bono.... Faraway, So Close!

Kate Spade:

Now this Show made me SMILE! Full On, Out and Out Smile! It was so Blithely Unconcerned with Making a "FASHION" Statement that it in it's own LOUD and Quirky way did EXACTLY That! Citing all things New York, Deborah Lloyd almost Kinetically and Accidentally Found A Gold Mine of Fun, Colourful, Exciting and certainly Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink Witty Fashion that any woman stopping in her local Kate Spade Store looking for a Bag is gonna come out with Plenty of Great Fashion for her trip there! The Outfits were for One... VERY Well Constructed and that was obvious to even the most untrained of eyes, were they going to Blow the Couture out of the water in their execution and brilliance. Ummm... HELL NO! But for what they were, Modern Sportswear Separates, They had INSTANT Appeal! Where to Start... How About... The Shaggy Mongolian Lamb Looking Bolero with the White Peter-Pan Collar Blouse and the Softly full sleeves with the WIDE Flared Trousers that looked Just DI-VINE! Very YSL at Studio 54! How about, Say, The head-to-toe Floral Brocade Outfit of Coat, Top and Cropped Trousers that SCREAMED Todd Oldham's Name Loudly but wasn't Brash or Ostentatious! (And Yes, It had a Matching Bag!) The Neat And Perfectly Trim Grey Tweed Flannel Shorts Suit that can go literally... ANYWHERE! The Riotous Betsey Johnson-esque Polka Dot Strapless Peplum top and Skirt with the Pink tights and WHITE Shoes! Bloody Hilarious! I Could go on and on... but i will say that it was one Damn Exciting and Magical Outfit after another!

My Faves... A Pyramid Studded Cardigan Coat in Black with Gold Studs... A Beige Coat with a Belt loop closure Built into it at a High Waist with a Fur collar worn with Leopard Print Skinny pants... On Grace Bol A Knowing Winking Nod again to YSL with his Famous Bow Neck Blouses, this time in Fluo Pink and the bow exaggerated to Gigantic and Comic Proportions But still, VERY Chic worn over SCARLET Red pants and a Candy Coloured Tweedy Overcoat! There was as much Ladylike and Elegant and Uptown as there was just Comically Perfect in this WINNER of a Collection... next Season, Ms. Lloyd should take it to the Runways at Lincoln Center, if this is the kind of clothes she can produce than there is a place for her amongst the Big Boys and Girls! One of my Faves so far!

That's All...


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