Monday, February 11, 2013

The Return of Kenneth Cole.

On Thursday Night, Kenneth Cole got his Runway Groove Back and didn't Need a young Jamaican Man to help him... Or maybe he did. WHO KNOWS!?! But whatever the case, He didn't seem to have been out of the loop as many who haven't shown on the runways in SEVEN long years might have done. He has restructured his Business, and come out at fighting weight with a Serious Collection full of Modernist, Downtown, Urban Chic! He is out for the Champion Belt with a Collection that in it's Quest to acclimate itself into the Social Media Fabric (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, et al..) which Burgeoned while he was away from the runways, made a Rather Hard Edge Statement about the way Kenneth's Woman wants to dress in this Instant. Of course, like Technology and Media... the next statement will be of that minute and totally new as per the Mercurial nature of both the fashion Industry and the Tech World!

But the collection, Well. It was In My Opinion. Really Great! The only thing one could say negative that in the rush to find how Ken's Aesthetic and Style fit into the New Landscape of Fashion that his collection Bordered a LITTLE on the Reed Krakoff/Helmut Lang Side with a Little Alexander Wang Dolloped on top! To be expected... Yes. Because if you're going to Plow a Furrow of Modern Downtown Urban Chic, then those are the current touchstones! He embraced those Codes and Thoroughly tricked and kitted them out to suit his vision... which is why i think the collection succeeded so! Some of the best looks though hitched Modern together with Classic in New Innovative ways that truly surprised! Outfit No. 16 on Alana Zimmer... A TERRIBLY Chic Cutaway Coat with No Collar and NO BLOUSE over a skinny Knit Pencil Skirt that could have looked Clunky with it's below the knee length but managed to look Fresh, Modern and New! Or Outfit No. 24 another Sleek Cutaway look this time a Jacket over a Tuxedo Styled Blouse and A Hi-Low Skirt in Feathery Light Lace! AMAZING! Looked Quirky and Strong and Femme All at the same time! The Tough Looks of the Textured Leathers and Other fabrics Were the Dimension that brought Modernity to the Fore as well as most of the looks in the first 2/3 were Black and White and Subtle Variations thereof... Which kept the look Spare Clean and Lean! A poetic Foulard Print found it's way in and offered a Subtle more Romantic Lilt to some of the outfits, but even then, the cuts were Of the Moment and Sharp, Not Floaty or Wan!

By outfit 41 we had Soujourned into Colour, Muted though it was, it offered a Relief from the Monotone pallette thus far. and it was Assuredly one of the best outfits in the Show! In Olive, It was Sportif and Very Uptown! it was definitely a Photo Op Outfit! Grace Mahary's Final Exit was a WOW Moment as well, A Full easy Buttery soft leather skirt in a Indistinguishable shade of Dark Blue with a Cropped and Totally Covetable Black leather Perfecto with a Cumin Coloured Top peeking out from under... Just HOT! The Oxblood Pieces that ended the show were a Dynamic Tension release for the Taut collection and just the thing to refresh the eye! The Men's Outfits... They were Typically Desirable. Great Suits, Delicious Outerwear, All the things a Man Needs next Fall/Winter for a Winning Wardrobe.

So, In the End... Magnificent Effort. The DNA of Kenneth Cole wasn't fully on display here, but he's getting his legs back after being away for awhile... it might take a season or so for him to hit his true stride and have his Signature Shine through loud and clear, Fun, Cerebral, Urban, Chic Sportswear for The Modern But Classic Woman and Man. But this should entice his customer simply for the DARE of it all! ;-) And to be noticed in Fashion after a good long Hibernation... You MUST Dare!

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