Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rag & Bone. Friday 02/08

On Friday Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Design team of Rag and Bone, showed their Collection and even though there was some ambivalence with the collection, that is not the reason it did not resonate with me... (More on that Ambivalence as the season progresses, now it's just a thought later to be expounded upon!)

Rag & Bone:

Sporty and Utilitarian are kinda the touchstones of Rag & Bone who usually are a Go-To Collection for some Great Sporty Sportswear with a Bit of English Quirk Thrown in... This collection though... fell short, just as their Spring Collection did to quicken the Pulse or Give us anything really Fresh to look at. It felt, for Marcus and David, New, but not inspired! That they even conceived the idea of and let it Flourish to Wink at the PLATINUM Standard of all Fashion Icons... the Chanel Tweed Jacket, Floundered not only Ludicrously but in much of a way, Insultingly! They have Neither the Pedigree or the Technical Knowledge to Deconstruct that Most Perfect of Fashion Objets! Barring that, it was a childishly comic wink that as an opener gave clue to what was about to go on. 

Let's be Frank, OK? The Collection...Was Dull.

The Most Remarkable thing about the collection was the Styling with the Short-Short Hemlines and the Silk Stockings the Models Wore. That was actually Refreshing and had it not been for that the collection would have suffered more! The Preciseness of their English Saville Row Inspired Tailoring was Keenly on display in some Prince of Wales Checks and a Dashing Dimetap Purple Blazer. A Quicksilver Blue coat on Caroline Brasch Neilsen was Quite Desirable for it's utter clean simplicity... but in saying all that the collection still failed to raise the pulse in any convincing way. It was a Gainful effort, and less clunky than usual, however it was also just baldly uninspiring! This is quite unusual and very disconcerting, the last couple collections have suffered in some way or the other, whether from just being Overwrought as fall '12 was or just being hopelessly contrived and overly tricked out as Spring '13 was... Wainwright and Neville Need to get back on the Track that they had so successfully put themselves on with earlier collections and recapture some of that Chic, Utilitarian British cool that was so much a key to their success... until then... we will just have to pick and choose amongst the detritus for something that resonates.

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