Thursday, February 7, 2013

Juicy Couture Vs. Skaist-Taylor

What Interesting Developments in the World of Le Haute Monde!  Sometimes A label's Designers either quit or get ousted from their lofty posts by overzealous shareholders or controlling interest companies and have to leave the multi-million dollar thrones they so carefully created for themselves. this is true of the Girls Pam and Gela of Skaist-Taylor who Founded Juicy Couture only to move on to their own label. And what a difference a few years and some hindsight make. But you may ask what has happened to Juicy... has it fallen into oblivion and obscurity??? HEAVENS NO! It has a new Creative Director, LeAnn Nealz and is Flourishing in it's new incarnation, retaining the things that made Juicy... JUICY but giving it a somewhat less Deliciously Perverse Flair that Pam and Gela Brought to the Table. Now that the labels are essentially competitors, how do they match up against one another... well if one was tabulating the battles in this war insofar, The Skaist-Taylor Girls are kicking Juicy's Word Emblazoned Heiny all over the Place.

Let's Review, Shall We?

Juicy Couture for Fall/Winter 2013/2014 is Not really much A Fall/Winter collection for much of the world outside of the West Coast and Sub Tropical Areas! The lengths are resolutely Short! the Colours, Positively Sun-Drenched! and the feeling, is Easy, Breezy and Beautiful! Not to say that the young and NOT SO Young women who wear Juicy in big and small cities around the country won't be stepping out in the Lightweight Attractions offered come next fall, but it sees Ms. Nealz has decided that the weather for a Juicy Gal is always Warm. The collection offered little to stimulate the True Fashion Obsessed, but some pieces in their own right were pretty damn Lovely.Outfit 27 was one Particularly Fashion Forward Piece, A Sleeveless Dress in Neon Pink and Black with a Tank Neck and Stitch-Down Pleated Body falling into Release Pleats in the rounded circle skirt of the dress... A Definite Party dress but one that could easily be tamed into a Cocktail Dress on the right girl or even in a different colour! Another, Outfit 38, a Deep Sapphire Blue Lace Dress with a simple thin belt around the waste SCREAMED Discretion and Good taste but also again could be tarted up by the Juicy girl in a matter of seconds, but for what it is... it is a paragon of simple elegant ease in this collection and a dress that could have many lives... with some Pretty Florals and Leopard Prints thrown in with the Track Suits and Solidly designed trenches along the way... The Collection was an easy sell and most women will be able to break out many of those pieces into Spring 2014 as well. Did it turn the world on it's ear. Hell No, But that isn't really it's Raison D'Etre... But for Fun and Pretty, you could dare ask for anything more!

Now, On the other Hand... Pamela and Gela seem to want to Evolve their Style from Flirty, Flippant and Fun to Fashionable. This Collection Was the BIG Step in the right Direction that they needed to Push the Collection into a new stratosphere. It didn't come off as Sickeningly Girly nor Outlandishly Youthful! This was a Strong woman with a Sure-Handed Sense of Sensuality, Not Sexuality and that Difference makes a for a world of Change! Let us, take for example, the very first look in the collection... A dramatic take on the Military Suit with a Sky High Skirt that somehow does not come off at all inappropriate or Harlot-ish! the Colorful back Swagged across the front and Marching Band-esque Topper make for a Kind of Giddy relief to the Forcefully Strong Cut of the Outfit. It's Well Tailored and can work in virtually any Woman's Wardrobe, Up or Down Town! They Did the same look next in Fire Red but with Shorts to show how the look can be more Casual. From there it was just one great outfit after another that a woman could easily work into her already bulging wardrobe or create a whole new fall wardrobe out of just the elements at play here... and Singularly Awesome Black Double-Breasted Peacoat, A Stolid and Tough Black Leather Cape over a V-Neck Cardigan, A SUPERB Swingy Pale Coloured Leopard print Tank Dress, A Tweedy Black and White Suit with a Black Fox Wrap about the Shoulders and some Rachel Zoe Worthy Boho Dresses one particular in Red with a Banded waist that was Quite Fetching for an Understated Evening! And there is the Magic Word.... UNDERSTATED! The collection succeeded by not exceeding! it was Restrained AND Exuberant, Understated and Animated. It had all the things that auger well for future collections and for one day in the near future, Lincoln Center... one also hopes that the girls put their heads together again and Create another fragrance as Wildly Fabulous as Juicy Couture Was and Still IS! Though one is sure it won't be so Indulgent as that Signature scent, as mentioned already, Pam and Gela, Have Moved On! :-D

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