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Thurs. 09/26/2013.


Alexander Wang can do better than this. His offerings so far at the house of Balenciaga have been Lackluster at best and at worst, well... Etiquette demands that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Wang is a Highly Talented Designer and Current Master of the Fashion MOMENT but his introduction of his DNA to the house that Cristobal built has been one miscue after another! Relying far too heavily on the Template already laid down by the previous Head of House, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Wang has yet to infuse the house with anything recognizably WANG! It just seems like a sidestep of the house codes, as if Ghesquiere had injected some new blood in his design staff.

So, How did Spring 2014 measure up? Uneven would be quite too nice a word to describe it. There were flashes of Brilliance and Hints that Wang was beginning to use his own language instead of the Lexicon that was already in place, but those moments were all too few and far between! The opening outfits were Unattractively Stiff and Immobile and looked Constricting and then those Flaring Peplums that were surmounted atop the shorts and pants that travelled down the runway were a travesty in motion.

There were a few moments where it seemed Wang was getting it right. Exit Nos. 13-14 were Threading the Wang Needle with a Magnificent Luxurious Sport edge them while the Bubble dresses at Exit Nos. 23-25 were Couture Worthy Winners! After that, however... The collection devolved again into riffs on the Ghesquiere Legacy.

This collection was certainly in the Niche that Ghesquiere Honed to a fine lustre... but that's not exactly pushing things forward. Much of the Essential Alexander Wang Joie felt sublimated greatly here and the collection suffered immensely for it! Ghesquiere didn't really, to my liking, do anything good for the house in the first place, Wang would do himself a great deal of good to rewrite much of the book of Balenciaga and give it a good revision, Because if he continues to follow the path he is on... Wang will simply be trading on the past glories of the house and his imprint will be nothing more than a footnote in the history of the House of Balenciaga.

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