Monday, April 21, 2014

Nina Ricci.

Thurs. 09/26/2013.

Nina Ricci.

Romanticism in fashion is nothing at all new. Nor is the juxtaposition of Masculine/Feminine even Remotely Groundbreaking. In Peter Copping's hands at Nina Ricci for Spring 2014, He Elegantly and Quixotically combined those two ideas and created something Delightful. More than delightful, Whimsical! The harder edge of masculinity in the context of this collection sharpened outfits that would otherwise have been Wan.

Taking inspiration from Men's Waistcoats and Jackets Copping crafted Resplendent collection full of invention and magic! Starting off with a few of the overwhelming trends of Spring 2014, White-On-White and The Ubiquitous Shirt Dress, Copping infused his with Mannish accents but the undeniable delicacy of Femininity!

The delicate Lace dress that Opened the show was surmounted with a Sharp Edged Asymmetric coat that felt not at all Reserved. Minimal, yes, But in a lovely Extrovert way! Then there were the Riffs on the Shirtdress that Had an almost Lacroix Decadence to them even though they waded in the waters of simplicity! As an aside, Should The house of Lacroix ever decides to relaunch, Copping would be an EXCELLENT Choice to carry the mantle!

A frilly Moment in Broderie Anglaise was particularly Fetching and Airy! As the collection proceeded on Copping veered from Soft White to French Vanilla, to Cream, to Eggshell. From there Colour became the focus. At first in Bold Bursts of Painterly Florals, then in Subdued Silvery Greys and Blues then finally a Orgasmic Blast of Sevres Blue which came as such a joyous surprise that it made everyone's heart smile! To Bookend the collection, he ended in White, Floating, Delicate, Lacy Masterpieces!

Copping is in a Particularly Rich and Fulgent period of design at Nina Ricci. One would say he is in the ilk of designer like Alber Elbaz at Lanvin. Both are Romantics, But Intellectual Romantics and are always finding new and exciting was to express that sense of romance in their clothes. Copping is a Unique Visionary In the Fashion Pantheon. And He seems to be hitting his stride!

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