Thursday, April 3, 2014

Damir Dona.

Weds. 09/25/2013.

First Off, Saskia De Brauw Looked Fierce as HELL opening this show. She was as steely as a Cyborg Amazon and gave this collection so much Power and Strength, which it already carried in spades.Damir Dona's Spring 2014 collection was Cerebral and Monastic But also Edgy! Dona also tapped into the unspoken Martial Arts trend that has been creeping up with a startling frequency! Exemplified by the opening look with it's side belted wrap waist and the Gi like accentuations on later looks in the show.

Giving stark minimalism is befitting of Black and as here in Dona's collection, White. The opening pages of this fashion novel were all written in Optic White and rendered an icy coolness to the looks, even when they begin to resemble Swiss Cheese with their circular "Polka Dot" Cutouts. The colour palette was as minimal as the clothes they were used on. Putty, Lichen and Navy were juxtaposed with more vibrant shades of Safety Orange and one Dollop of Mustard which was all the more provocative for that was the sole showing of the colour!

Standouts included a Trench Styled dress at Exit No. 13 in Putty which was as chic as it was utilitarian. A mock turtleneck sheath dress at Exit No. 19 in White was given Injections of colour in Black, Orange and a Aqueous Blue and was as desirable as anything shown this season! It was as stunning in the reverse as well at Exit No. 24. Exit No. 30 was the Charm of the entire collection... in Black with the "Polka Dot" punch outs it was the same as Exit No. 13, but in this treatment skewed more elegant and feminine!

Dona's skills are rather evident and if things continue along this trajectory, he's going to be one of the major up and coming stars in the fashion Galaxy with a sure hand and a singular voice. Keep an eye on this one!

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