Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guy Laroche.

Weds. 09/25/2013.

Marcel Marongiu's Guy Laroche collection for Spring 2014 Was frankly, Outstanding! It was such a Modernistic and Sharp approach to Sporty Chic that it positively pulsed with interest and excitement! Marongiu said he drew inspiration from the Stark, Futuristic vision of movies like "Gattaca" and Fritz Lang's Magnum Opus "Metropolis" and if that was the case, it was only loosely, for the overall impression of Athletic/Sportif Luxe was more the takeaway than Hard Edged Futurism. Yes, There was something very Next Century about the Curvilinear lines of the skirts with their exaggerated flares and sways, but it came off as easily wearable and ridiculously Soignee also!

Starting off showing he was in an Urban Sport mood, Marongiu showed a Hoodie pullover in a Slinky, Shiny, Spongy synthetic material that was paired with a matching flared skirt which seemed to bounce along with Catherine McNeil as she Stalked the runway. From here on the interest was on the bottom, with his skirts that seemed to defy gravity and moved with a buoyancy all their own.

By Exit No. 3 we were in replicant territory with a parade of White shirts and black pants and shorts that all the while looking alike were all completely different but similar enough to give a futuristic clone vibe to the passage! Next came a Striking White on Black scribble print section that was surprisingly graphic yet, romantic in it's own way!

On the agenda next was perhaps the best passage of the show, a grouping of 3 All-In-Ones (Jumpsuits/Rompers) that were the Chicest thing I've seen in a good long while, with their Golden Zippers up the front and in that same Limpid synthetic material as the opening salvo... Just Perfection!

But it was after that where the collection took a disturbing turn and one, that had the rest of the collection not been so powerfully right, could have soured the whole showing. A preoccupation with folds and swaths of fabric on the top of garments, perhaps in keeping in conjunction with what was happening in the skirts, came off as Painfully Awkward and to be seriously Blunt, Ugly! This trope was repeated more times than need be and could have been edited out mercifully and no one would have been the wiser.

Saving that miscue, the rest of the collection quickened the Heart with Exciting, Directional and Inventive clothes that will not appeal to the everyday Woman but will be well worth seeking out for the client that has an adventurous streak in her! From the GORGEOUS Section of dresses with Eyelash fringe tiers to the brief section after in Pink and Grey that was giving 50's Balenciaga Volumetrics, Marongiu gave the season one of the most original and convincing visions of Modern. I, For one, Am thanking Marongiu for his effort!

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