Saturday, April 5, 2014

Felipe Oliveira Baptista.

Weds. 09/25/2013.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista has been Smashing the Hell outta of it in his work for Lacoste practically since Day One. That collection is one of the must see collections of the season and this Spring 2014 was no exception. And now in his own collection he Shot off his big guns and presented a show that was full of Smart, Chic, Minimal clothes that betrayed elegance for sharpness. It was a Rigourous affair that had a Strict Military vein running through it.

Starting off with "THE" Shirtdress of the the season (which there have been Numerous iterations of so far) in a to the floor version styled like an Officer's Shirt, in Manila and with a huge swaying skirt, it was effortless for a steamy Summer's Day as it was crisp and efficient for a Spring Party. The Trench that followed was chic in it's purest unadorned form! As was the Long Military coat that followed! The colours of the collection were as reserved as the collection was Strict. Manila, Sage, Pearl Blue, Marble Blue and Ultramarine. 

Baptista is feeling his groove it would seem here and at Lacoste, And showing He can divide his attention in two directions and can do justice to both labels. Keeping his Identity at his own label and detaching and absorbing the Lacoste DNA while there but bringing his voice to the work he does for the house, And producing the quality of work that he does, Not much more can be asked of the man!

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