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Thurs. 09/26/2014.

Olivier Rousteing has Successfully Morphed the Super Rich Rock Bitch look that was developed by Former Balmain Head of House Christophe Decarnin into his own vision of the look. Where Decarnin's Balmain was the rock chick girlfriend of the rich Rocker who wore clothes to entice her boyfriend and all the band members and stay up all night drinking and drugging with the boys and roll into their hotel room some time in the wee hours of the morning looking like she fought the fashion, Yet won to now being the Rich Bitch Rocker that makes her own money and has a Cadre of Boy (or Girl) Toys at her disposal! She no longer needs Said Frontman's Credit card or cash to go on drug fueled shopping sprees... Oh No, she has Millions of her own money at her disposal (Calling Beyonce. Calling Rihanna. Calling Katy.) and dresses for excess and sometimes... SHOCK!

But on to Spring 2014. Rousteing took a Awfully early 1990's Chanel/North Beach Leather/St. John/Moschino  Approach. The collection was uncomfortably Atavistic, looking back to the Hip-Hop days of Chanel and the Fashions of the early 90's with an almost scarily astute accuracy! Yes, the Technique was totally of the moment and Dizzingly expensive and luxurious, but in execution... Retro to an unsettling degree.

Opening with an Intricate Houndstooth Leather cardigan with contrast trim and a flippy Leather Hi-Low skirt that was Quite a exciting outfit and just barely registered on the retro meter. However, the Quilted Baseball jackets that followed were Backwards looking in the extreme. The Quilted skirt suit at Exit No. 6 was also giving Retro Chanel and not in the best way. Things were much better when Rousteing was in his own wheelhouse as at Exit No. 8 in the Off-The-Shoulder top in Denim Blue with expertly draped wide leg pants in denim as well.

The Pants were particularly Awesome this collection, Especially when paired with simple tops like At Exit No. 16 In Pink Lace on Top and Wide Pants, or the Slinky Black pair At Exit No. 24 paired with a Gingham Check top in Black and White!

After the first third of the show the collection, the Lavish and Baroque Nature of the collection shined through In Marvellous Fashion. Although there was nothing Baroque about Joan Smalls' Look at Exit No. 29 was Modern and Sexy with a Pinstripe Overall dress over a White blouse was Smoulderingly Sexy! The Multiple short dresses with flippy full drop skirts and Opulent Encrustations of beads and Embroidery also got the pulse skipping trippily along! The one in Pink Drape Silk on Saskia De Brauw at Exit No. 42 was a Couture Quality Masterpiece!

By the time Rosie Huntington-Whitely Strutted down the runway in the Finale piece consisting of a Glittery Embroidered "Mesh" Top and Undulating skirt, Rousteing had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the house of Balmain Now belongs to HIM. Any traces of his predecessor have been excised and Olivier's Presence is clearly Dominant. The collection may have stumbled in the vintage in the beginning but was powerfully moving into the future by it's end. That was also kind of where Rousteing's trajectory followed too!

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