Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Interview With Wes Gordon.

Tues. 04/08/2014.

Well, Today was quite the Exceptional Day. I was lucky enough to spend about 15 minutes with the New York Wunderkind Designer Wes Gordon! I was at Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI. Buying my dad A Birthday Present, (It's his Birthday Today) and I also was there to meet the Wonderful Mr. Gordon and peruse his Fall 2014 Collection (Which is Distractingly Marvellous!) Also, As a Fashion Blogger I was hoping perhaps to borrow a few minutes of his time to explore his ideas on Fashion and the Inspiration for his Fall 2014 Collection.

Imagine my Surprise upon meeting him, How readily the Young Mr. Gordon agreed to sit down and converse with me! I admit, even as a 37 year old, I was a little dumb/starstruck by him! Also, I was a bit Nervous, but i thought literally, all he could either do was say Yes, Or No! That simple! Delightfully enough, he Acquiesced!

 He is Incredibly Dapper, In a young, fresh way and Compellingly Intelligent and Articulate. The way Mr. Gordon speaks about his Conception of Fashion and his way of designing is refreshing because it's so Honest and Guileless. He was So Gracious, and to my almost Giddy delight, Had read my post here of his Spring 2014 Collection! That he had actually read my Blog post, shot a hot flush of red to my face, But was also Incredibly Gratifying!

We spoke of his starting point for Fall 2014 and And Gordon said it started with the Fabrics, That the fabrics and the feel and way they moved dictated the collection. That he wanted to create a collection that was as relevant now as it would be years from now. Also, he had worked with all the mills that supply his fabrics in creating all the Materials for the collection! One such Gasp-Inducing revelation was a Multicolour Fabric that was used early in the collection was Actually all Embroidered and THEN Printed on top of the Embroidery in Swizterland... I DIED! Just PERFECTION! Mr. Gordon was also appreciative of my commentary on how his collection was a Modern look on the Monastic and Minimalist trends of the 90's. But Gordon is Firmly implanted in the Here and Now! His hand is growing, as seen with this Stunning Fall 2014 Collection, More assured and focused with each collection.

In the end, It was a Thrill to be able to Engage in a Most Invigorating discourse with Wes Gordon. It was one of those moments that looking back on, even though it was only a few hours ago, was equal parts Surreal and Fantastic! I hope soon that we may chat again, and hopefully, As my blog grows, I will be able to see the collection first hand during his showing at Fashion Week. The first Step has already Been Taken!

Thank You, SO Sincerely, Mr. Wes Gordon!

That's All.


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