Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rick Owens.

Thurs. 09/26/2013.

Let's Start off by saying firstly, This review will not be about the clothes. After the Show Rick Owens Put on for Spring 2014, The clothes come to as much incidental as say, The Lighting! This was an EXPERIENCE! A Glorious, Riotous, Ferocious, Fierce, Amazonian Display of Female Power and Strength with clothes to match the modern Warrioress In all Womankind! Was it that Truly that Extraordinary??? Still Images only say so much, This is something that had to be seen to be Believed! A Transformative, Empowering Moment of Wild Abandon and Sisterhood with women that gave all women who viewed it a renewed sense of inner Self Assurance and Confidence! If you don't Believe, Take A Look Here!

Owens Clothes were as much a part of this Brilliant Fantasmagoria of as the Spectacle, but they took the backseat to the sheer Boundless Excitement and Joy of the presentation. Four Squads of All-Female Step Dance Crews, The Soul Steppers, The Zetas, The Washington Divas and The Momentums, Produced a Pounding, Intense, Snarling, Passionately Diva-Tastic Routine that was individual to each crew, yet worked in the greater sense of the whole as an amalgamous Choreographic Blockbuster! It is said that Owens himself helped shape the outcome of each of the Sororities routines with his own choreographers, who added other elements to the programmes that the Dance Crews had styled, so it was obviously and quite Mesmerizingly, A Team effort that paid off the richest of Dividends of Girl Power!

The thing that was most exquisite, The Natural Beauty of these girls who reveled in their own Prodigious Magnitude. They WERE Woman, See Them ROAR! These lovely Women of all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours, worked in a High Pitch Harmony that erased any semblance of what was Race, Even perhaps Sex! These were Instruments of a Higher Power, They brought the audience to A Frenzied, Cacophonous, Orgiastic state of Excitement and Revelry! It was not only Touching, it was Inspiring, It was as the Queens would say, CHURCH! As Hyperbolic as that may sound, there was something Unassumingly Religious in this experience that moved this beyond the simple Fashion Show, It became an event of far more importance. Whether that was Owens intent or not, it was what transpired!

Now, Down to brass tacks, If the clothes hadn't been so befitting of this offering, things would have felt flat, Hokey even. No, These were clothes for the Warrior Woman of the everyday. Owens is not a designer that makes clothes for the Timid or Meek, But they do incorporate themselves into the lifestyles of Independent thinking women who live their fashion more as security and yes, Armor even. Their clothes have to work on multiple levels and above all, be able to make a woman disappear when she needs into the throng and but never lose her Power or Strength. If that Idee wasn't Absolutely and Profoundly Exemplified by the women of these Step Crews, Then nothing else on this planet could have!

How did Rick Owens find the well of inspiration inside himself to so confidently re-imagine what the constructs of a Fashion Show Can and COULD Be? The Fluid incorporation of Dance, Energy, Beautiful Clothes and Amazing Emotion? The Mind Boggles.

I could go on about the clothes, How Owens presented in Four groups of Ten and Kept the Palette Strictly to All Black in the First Section, Desert Khaki and Pink in the Second, Chocolate Brown and White in the Third and finally All White in the Final Section. How these transitions were as Mesmeric as the presentation... All that could be said and more, However, in the Grand Scheme of things, those things are inconsequential matters. Owens' show made you Believe! Believe in the Idea that we can all unite for a common purpose and support each other regardless of race, sex or background. Believe that Something as Trivial and Asinine as a Fashion show can become Art, Poetry and an instrument of Cultural Change and a deeper awareness of Humanity! Believe that Women ARE Powerful beyond Measure and that the clothes they wear can assist them in being as or more powerful than they ever dared to dream! Perhaps the most Salient Point is, That a Fashion Show can simply make you, BELIEVE!

Thank You, Rick Owens!

That's All.


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