Monday, August 31, 2015

Jonathan Saunders.

Sun. 02/22/2015.

One is hoping the REAL Jonathan Saunders shows up sometime in the Near Future, Because this Saunders that we have seen over the last few collections is a Far Cry from the Magical Scotsman we had been seeing a couple years back. Spring 2015 offered a Glimpse of this, a Slender Sliver of the old Saunders, But it was so Bogged down with Overworked Frippery and Unnecessary Complexity that it got lost in all the Noise! It feels as if Saunders, Like Jason Wu was a few seasons ago, is transitioning from what the Saunders of the past was and what the Saunders of the Future will be. It's an uneasy impasse, and one that will inevitably lead to some uneven, clunky collections. This was one of those.

The colours were the main problem. Saunders has always had an Absolutely Uncanny and Keen eye for mixing Bizarre and oft Queasy colours together and making them sing in Harmony like the Vienna Boys Choir, But I just can't EVER get along with bright Purple and Green and Red and White all Jingle-Jangled together in a riotous intermingling. I Just Can Not! And those Distracting Optic Ribbon prints that opened the show... My head was Aching like it had been slammed in a Car Door! The less Saunders toyed around with Nauseating colour schemes, the better off the proceedings were.

Saunders collection was pretty much a wash for me. It didn't inspire me, it didn't move me, and even the clothes were a bit Generic, the only point of difference were the Colours and those were Unmentionably Atrocious in places. Here's to a Better 2016, Jonathan, for 2015 was most Definitely an Annus Horribilis!

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