Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Acne Studios Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/18/2015.

For all the talk of inspiration being gleaned from Cubist artist Albert Gleizes and Post-Modern Pop artist Mario Schifano, all piqued by a book on the life of the Mythic Senora that was Marella Agnelli, the Acne Studios Resort 2016 collection was a lot to take in, especially considering it's brevity. Head Designer, Jonny Johansson crafted, as he was quoted, a collection that had "Naïvety and Toughness" and the collection lived up to those words in a Splendid manner indeed. Johansson's Acne woman is also something of a Eclectic spirit, or as he said, "An Expressionist" and that lent a defiant and delightful air of the Unhinged to the clothes.

The duality of the collection played out most evidently with the opening Trench in a Linen/Poplin Bonded material in a luminous shade of Stone, that was as chic as it was eccentric. This play of ideas lent a feeling of imbalance between the directions of the collection that was actually thoroughly refreshing and daring. On one hand, you had the classically leaning Red Leather trench, which was purely elegant in form, then on the other hand, you had a Black Suede/Leather coat that was tied and knotted around the midsection and looked experimental and bold. It was just this interplay that gave the collection it's gutsy appeal and kooky sensibilities. 

Johansson walked a tenuous line between Modernistic and Eccentric and managed to capture the best of both ideas. It was a Rather Brilliant manoeuver, one that paid off with Attention-Getting clothes that will keep Johansson's woman quite well appointed, fashion wise! Definitely, A Win! 

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