Friday, October 14, 2016

Elizabeth And James Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/15/2016.

While it may not be as extremely luxe and serene and quietly sumptuous as it's Big Sister line, The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth and James shares much of the same aesthetic in it's DNA, just not pushed to the same acute degree of Minimalist apotheosis. The E&J line is a little more relaxed, sportif without being nonchalant. The Olsen twins view of fashion is unswerving and pointedly linear, to it's benefit, not detriment. It is an Oasis in a sea of rapidly fluctuating fashion viewpoints, which are trying to serve many masters, Mary Kate and Ashley are serving only one, Themselves. Nothing More, Nothing Less!

So, Elizabeth and James comes as a less studied and less refined respite for the designers and is a welcome slackening of their usual themes, this collection felt playful and serious concurrently, a sharply tailored Denim Pantsuit one moment, a super easy and unencumbered combo of a voluminous creamy White Tunic top and Black Palazzo pants the next. A Black Bathrobe coat had sublime appeal and assured wearability, whilst a shimmering White Tuxedo jacket with a filmy bias-cut gossamer Silk Slip skirt was a surprisingly nuanced evening option. The collection abounded from beginning to end with endless options to delight and attract, every piece could integrate itself into the Olsen's customers wardrobe in less than a nanosecond as well as into a newcomers closet. That's the magic of both labels, Why spend time trying to reinvent yourself, when you've already discovered who you are! 

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