Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Josie Natori Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/18/2015.

Let's be blunt. Shall We? Josie Natori is NOT trying to revolutionize fashion or reinvent the wheel. Straight out facts! She has a Loyal and WIDE Upscale clientele and you could see the woman who shops her clothes (and wears them, FAITHFULLY) also shopping at St. John and Escada and Tadashi Shoji. These are not Fashion Forward clothes, they are Optimistic, Pretty, Upbeat, Classical pieces with a little edge and enough modernity to not look dated, boring or atavistic. Is that intrinsically a bad thing? Not in the least. But, Natori isn't going set off any Fireworks of fashion ecstasy anytime in the foreseeable future.. and that's... OK!

What Natori did produce for her Resort 2016 assemblage were Crisp, Bright and innately wearable pieces with a little Zhuzh to them. Virtually every piece had some shade of White in it, from the Snappy opening outfits in Spectator Black and White, of which a Beautiful Clutch coat in White with Black String embroidery, paired with White trousers and a Black top was especially Desirable, to the supreme easiness of a Flame Orange tie-front top and White pants. A definitely welcome addition and a bit more saucy was a shimmering iridescent Fuchsia tunic top with cape sleeves and matching leggings that had appeal for both day and night times alike!

So, it wasn't causing the pulse to race, but Natori gave a solid lineup of clothes that any modern, active woman would aspire to wear and that her loyal, well-heeled clientele will be eager to gobble up and absorb into their already Natori-Rich closets. All in All, A fine effort, indeed. 

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