Thursday, October 6, 2016

MSGM Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/15/2015.

All-in-all, there was nothing truly objectionable about Massimo Giorgetti's Resort 2016 collection for his label MSGM, It was too expansive and diffuse, and what the Fudge was with all those flapping folds of fabric and slouched off-shoulder "Sleeves" that essentially looked like errant bands of fabric affixed to already complete pieces? Befuddling. And Irritating. Save those Colossal lapses in judgment (the color palette was also distractingly, OFF, to boot) there were pieces to be had that could enhance the pieces that a woman might already own.

A Carrot Orange Suede Bathrobe coat (also it's exact Dopplegängers in Spice and Smoke Blue) was very nice, a Suede shift with Matisse like insets had flair also. An ensemble in Ultramarine Blue, White and Crayola Sea Green consisting of a Tunic over wide pants with a thick running stripe down the side had some punch to it and was very easy to make work for all. There were a few other moments that didn't cause severe head scratching, but they were few and far between in this overlong opus. Giorgetti would do himself a world of good, next outing, to Edit more sharply and leave the tricks for kids! 

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