Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Marchesa Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/19/2015.

It was an utterly GLORIOUS return to form for the duo, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, at the Marchesa label this Resort season. The duo's 2016 Resort collection was a bountiful Treasure Trove of Exquisiteness. Taking inspiration from Morocco, Chapman and Craig sculpted, embellished, embroidered, ruffled, draped, and gilded their way to Perfection! It was such a Sumptuous buffet of Delicious Confections that one could hardly pick one from another to earmark as standouts. It was all so Devastatingly, Luxuriously, Opulently Wondrous!

Chapman and Craig can be forgiven somewhat, for producing nothing but Evening wear, it of course can run towards the overindulgent at times and one can get an upset fashion tummy from all the treacly sweetness of all that gossamer fantasticim, as with any house that primarily trades in the confectionary, Ooey-Gooey-ness of all evening collections. But, The Marchesa duo go so beyond the pale of normal evening wear creatuers, that they can be allowed to do that thing they do so well, unencumbered by disapproving clucks from the Peanut Gallery.

What pieces stood ahead... A TRULY majestic Sapphire Blue ballgown festooned with Lace floral appliques and freshened by the simple T-shirt style of the bodice, only showing more fantastic cantilevered cleavage with it's deep neckline. Or a Stunning strapless Rose Pink Faille gown with a gathered side ruffle and fishtail hem that was a Traffic Stopper Deluxe! A White lace gown with Lavishly overscaled flowers splayed down the contours of the side of the gown that finished off in a asymmetric "Hi-Lo" hem had an inherent awe that was palpable. Also of note, the purity of a shimmering Pearl White column of luminous silk that was traced with White Lace appliques around the torso, that as Breathtaking an evening gown as it was, could easily do double duty as a Divine Wedding gown... Train and all! 

Chapman and Craig easily blew this one out of the water! It was a Radiant and Sublime treatise on Fairy Tale Evening pieces that never once bored or over saturated one's eyes with gloops and globs of Saccharine Frou-Frou! This was an Adult, Grown-up, Sophisticated and above all, Mature, not Girly or Frilly lineup that captured one's breath, and then stole it away completely! DAZZLING! 

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