Friday, October 21, 2016

Kenzo Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/17/2015.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon fashioned one helluva perfect Resort 2016 collection this Go-Round... Save one little hiccup. The Lookbook was Frustratingly and Aggravatingly photographed in some Wild lands outdoors and fuzzily focused and proved why I patently LOATHE when designers do not put on Proper shows and decide to indulge their inner "Artiste" and use a Lookbook to show off their collections. If there is never another presentation done like this it wouldn't be soon enough! Lim and Leon took Exceptional clothes and photographed them in the most inaccessible way as to negate anything other than their esoteric photographic idea, I, for one, was Incredibly miffed at this approach! Why disguise the clothes so, especially when they were this enthralling, with artsy-fartsy pictures that did more to obscure the beauty of the garments than elevate them! I hate, Hate, HATE Lookbooks! 

The pieces that stood out from the pack, even though it was a pretty damn illustrious pack to start with, included a Sublime White halter dress with two studded snap attachable/detachable layers that let the wearer take it from above-the-knee to mid-calf to floor sweeping in length! It was a Marvel. A Cream Zip top with matching elastic hem pants had a New-Safari look to it that was particularly ravissante! There was much more to love and please a customer, but again, a lot of it's appeal is wilted by such silly indulgences.  Hopefully, next outing, Lim and Leon will show us the clothes, and not their vision of how the clothes react in the real world. That's what wearing them does, not pictures!

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