Friday, October 21, 2016

Givenchy Resort 2016.

Weds . 06/17/2015.

Givenchy Resort 2016.

Regarding Riccardo Tisci's Appalling Resort 2016 collection, I shall be as brief as I can without seeming blunt. There was nothing here I liked. From the Sickening colour combinations to the dowdy and aging looking pieces that also looked dated and throwback, there was not one outfit that I could find myself endorsing other than to dress the needy. To call it Hideous would to do a disservice to the word "Hideous" Not only did it make the models look misshapen and lumpen, it also made them look fleshy, and not in the voluptuous way. Tisci can truly design the most taxing and aesthetically gut-wrenching clothes and still be regarded by the fashion world at large as Masterful and Visionary... Well, Chillrens, I am not biting on that hook!

This Resort collection was a Colossal Monument of SHIT! Game. Set. Match!

That's All.


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