Monday, December 9, 2013

Band Of Outsiders.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Band Of Outsiders.

Being That this was my first time paying ANY sort of attention to Scott Sternberg and his Collection Band Of Outsiders, I really Gotta Say...

Love At First Sight!

Sternberg's Spring 2014 showing for his label, Was Quirky and Fresh and managed to Balance a California Cool with a New York Swagger! Within that East/West Coast Yin-Yang Sternberg threw in Judicious amounts of Quirk and Humour that were not only Masterfully Incorporated, but also gave something of an edge to clothes that might have come off too Breezy and Decorous. The Sublime Freshness of a breeze off the Pacific could be Positively felt in the opening salvo of Long, Languid, Liquid Dresses. They Gave Beach Chic A WHOLE new meaning. Exit No. 2 Expecially... In a Twilight Blue that looked like the Ocean at the crack of sunrise with the Silver Embossing on the fabric replicating the first Light Of Day Sparkling on the Water. I MELT!

Next some Athletic Mesh thrown in on a Hoodie Vest At Exit No.8 worn with a Calf Length Skirt and A White Crop top gave a somewhat Sport/Bohemian Vibe while the White Embroidered Trench that followed with the Swiss Dot textured long dress underneath had a hint of Grunge. Sternberg twisted those motifs in this collection Masterfully... Bohemian/Sporty/Grunge and Pureed it into a Delightful Cocktail that was as Adventurous as it was Personal and Unique!

At Exit No. 10, A STUNNING Take on the All-White trend in a Smooth Linen Shorts suit that was as Viable an option for the Downtown Working woman as taking the Blazer and pairing it with a skirt or pants was as equally viable for the Uptown Gal! The colour palette to start was Muted and Dark and Moody, Yet Playful, but soon the Colours Amped up in Hue and we had VIVID Blocks of Pink and Red mixed Daringly With Ink Blue. Then, Even though it was only Three exits, there was a Major Crayola Yellow Moment, Most Desirable in a Chic Hooded Anorak at Exit No. 24.

The Colour Temperatures Cooled down afterwards with some Greys and Vibrant but cool aquatic greens and then Blazed back to a Boil in a Striking Lapis Blue Section that carried this TREMENDOUS Collection Home to the Finale of Virgin White ending on an Absolutely Extraordinary Note in the Most Sublime Evocation of the T-Shirt to be seen in some time as a Floor Length Languid slip of a gown that was Grunge Worthy yet, also California At Night Worthy... It was EXQUISITE!

Scott Sternberg in 37 Exits made this Fashion Devotee a Total Believer and Follower. Sternberg is speaking with one of the most Original Voices in New York and Crafting some Incredibly Desirable Fashion with that voice... sometimes Originality can come with some bumps in the road leading to the tempering of such Originality with Knowledge and Experience... if Sternberg has had such Foibles he has covered the tracks of them well for his Hand here was as Steady And Assured as an Old Master... And one is Eager to see where that Hand will lead us in the future!

That's All.


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