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Tues. 09/10/2013.


Being that I have never been on the Bus of followers that have lavished so much Praise up The Mulleavy Sisters, It's been easy of me to cast a far more critical eye on their work and not succumb to sympathetic softness.

This Collection Was Horrifying!

I have Never liked the Rodarte Label and Never found anything remotely pleasant about it to will me into liking it either. Laura and Kate Mulleavy are just Insider Industry Darlings that have had the Fashion Pantheon of Gods Deign them Worthy of being Deemed Fashion Royalty. They are Hacks. And that showed with the Utmost Clarity in their Spring 2014 Collection which was one of the most Indescribably Useless Pieces of Dreck I have ever laid eyes Upon! Ludicrous is too kind a word to ascribe to this Homely Mess.

Not only did the sisters Ape The "Balmain" Look of Decarnin AND Rousteing... But they Did it in such an AWFUL Way! This had none of the Sexual Bravado of The Balmain Look and while Channeling The "Chola" Look of Gwen Stefani's "L.A.M.B" Woman in the mix as well it just threw all of it into the Blender and Prayed it would Puree together into something Tangible and Tasty. It, Did Not.

Remarking on any of the Shamefully Idiotic Ideas that the Mulleavy's Paraded down the runway would be an Exercise in the Torturous! I cannot even say that there was ONE, O-N-E Plausible Outfit in the whole Mess. They Claimed the Inspiration was "Los Angeles" As Amorphous and Nebulous as that sounded the look did feel faintly like the L.A Hair Metal Look of the 80's or the Gang Girls Of the "Boyz 'N' The Hood" 90's However, where those Twains met was a Mystery to all but Kate and Laura!

I expect nothing more than this kind of Schlock from Rodarte. The Sisters are Industry Faves but for the real world... they don't even Register! Their Laughably Tragic clothes are not what Fashion Dreams are made of and they had better reflect on that before they produce another such Prodigiously Terrible Caper as Spring 2014 was!

That's All.


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