Friday, December 20, 2013

Tory Burch.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Tory Burch has become a Success Story of the Highest Magnitude. From Humble beginnings and through tumult and strife she has kept herself focused like a Sniper on it's prey on making her business a Mega Success and a Worldwide Brand. All her planning is coming to Fruition in the best of ways... Her Highly Profitable First Fragrance Launch (which has the juice, IMHO, to be a Longtime Pillar for the Brand) Her Dramatic Court battle with her Ex which she came out of relatively unscathed and for the most part... Still Smelling of the Rose! And most importantly, Her Lifestyle Brand of Clothes, Accessories and What-Have-You, which in the Accessory department she is pretty much printing her own money!  But how does all this translate into ALSO being a Major player on the Fashion Landscape and running with the big boys Like Lauren and Kors and Jacobs and De La Renta and Herrera and all the other luminaries in the NY Star System? 

For Ms. Burch, Pretty Damn Easily! 

She has carved her Niche so Rapidly and so Definitively that the "Tory Burch" Look is already WELL Established. The Codes of the house are as easy to recognize as the Overblown Gothic Loge that nearly adorns all her accessories and have made them Coveted Status symbols of the Rich and the not so rich!

That "Tory Burch" Look was in Full Evidence in this collection... City Chic Bohemian with A bit of Tomboy Twist thrown in! For Spring 2014 with Romy Schneider in "La Piscine" as the inspiration, Burch Injected a little bit of "La Femme Francaise" into the collection which added a little Soignee Insouciance to the clothes and gave them some Parisienne Flair!

First Up. A Sweet little Dress on Ondria Hardin in White with a Naive Floral Rebrodee on the skirt that reminded one of a French Country Tablecloth... it was sweet and feminine without being GIRLY! And just the right way to start the collection. A couple more embroidered outfits and then a petite floral print bikini under a swing coat with jewel-encrusted cuffs on the sleeves had Monte Carlo Appeal for the Palm Beach Set. Most of the beginning of the collection was White or prints with a White Ground and worked surely in the favor of the Mostly Green and Blue Botanical Floral prints.

I could easily Rhapsodize about each and every outfit and many words could be spent giving these clothes glowing reviews, but brevity must be the road taken... As hard as it may be to choose some of the Picks of the Litter, I will Shine a light on some of the Best Of The Best.

Exit No. 13 was easily one of the best of the show and just radiated the Luxurious Ease of Southern France, it was Peerless and Pristine. Exit No. 22 had the Mod Thing down to a Science but felt as Fresh and New as the First Buds of Spring. The Web-Like Embroidery gave a Glam Twinkle and the Sleek Cut and Shape kept it Modern and Mod. At Exit No 29 Burch Gave us a Buckwheat Suit with embroidered Neckline that was the Epitome of French/American Hybridization. It had the Sportif Ease of American Sportswear with the Elegant Chic of French Suit dressing that recalled 60's era Chanel!

After that the colours warmed to Coral-ish pinks and grays and browns in the prints and defintely felt like a contrast to the earlier cooler colours. An Excellent Evocation of this pallette was the Absolutely Perfect Creme Coloured Pantsuit at Exit No. 35 with thick borders of Coral embroidery at the cuffs and a Shiny Shantung Shell underneath in the palest Antique Rose.

The collection flowed without fault to the Summery, Bohemian Finale and in just 40 exits simply affirmed Burch's Role in the New York Pantheon and as a Global Player in the Fashion Universe! It was literally, a PERFECT Show. Every Exit was expertly considered and moved from one strength to the next without repeating itself or being at all redundant. It was Smart, It was Covetous, It was... Masterful.

That's All.


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