Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reem Acra.

Mon. 09/09/2013.

Reem Acra.

I was hoping to "Love To Love" This collection and finish off with a Sweet "Love Hangover" But what actually transpired was that the collection just turned into a "Disco Inferno" of a "Tragedy" Let's put this in perspective... Reem Acra's Spring 2014 offering was plenty wearable and plenty beautiful. from the Moment the First model made her exit with her Gigantic "Mahogany" Curly Back Afro and Halstonette Makeup we knew Disco was indeed not Dead. But to be truthful... there have been better riffs on this recurring motif from multiple designers and one is sure that this season itself will produce stronger plays on the theme.

Reem Acra has a Very Successful Business in making some of the most Dreamy, Majestic, Fairy-Tale Wedding Gowns in the business, she is one of the masters of that universe. She has also for many years had a potent Evening and Occasion RTW Line that has done it's very best in keeping up with the bigger hitters in the lineup of New York Fashion Week. But the collection suffers in the EXACT same way that a Monique L'Huillier or Elie Saab or ANY Designer that their main focus is EVENING! The dulling monotony of One Evening dress after another after ANOTHER is deadening and removes any trace of excitement from the real showstoppers in the collection because they are in the midst of so much else that looks just like them! Without Daywear to break the Numbing Sameness of it all, the truly special pieces are drowned in a sea of redundancy! And NO Designer, NOT A SINGLE ONE, can truly be a GREAT Designer if they cannot have the wherewithal to include Sportswear and Day Pieces. They just can't truly ever be Relevant!

However that doesn't mean that the collection held no relevance... Some of the exits were positively Stunning. Though most skewed a little too Studio 54 in their look. A mix of Polka Dots and Blown-Up Houndstooth in a Side slit Figure Hugging sheath At Exit No. 9 was Modern in a Almost Balenciaga/Ghesquiere Way but ACTUALLY Was Wearable and Not a Hideous Costume. The rest was just one Diana Ross-Esque Disco Diva Glamour Gown after another... not that that is all bad, but it can be Awfully Laborious!

In The End... Reem has done better. The clothes here were fresh in their backward looking drama, but didn't feel at all like it was a statement that Ms. Acra needed to be making right now... or perhaps ever. Maybe had the context not been so Literal, which is perhaps the greatest sin of the collection, it would have felt more up-to-date. But as this collection came to a frothy end it felt far more like More Artifice and Less Substance had just been displayed.

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