Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Missed Reviews.... Rachel Roy. Rebecca Minkoff. Nicole Miller.

Fri. 06/06/2013.

Rachel Roy.

Nothing Much Need be said. Because mainly... Better could be found at The Juniors Section of Saks or Neiman's or for that matter Forever 21 or Victoria's Secret! Aside from a Pretty Wing Print and what could be seen as some Daring Cutout details the collection fell flat as board! Why Does Ray show even? Her clothes Barely register above Mediocre at best. It looks like a Stylist's Vision of a collection rather than a collection and that seems like an insult to Rachel Zoe who actually CAN Design!

The collection Bored... It Failed to inspire. It simply FAILED! No, This is Not HIGH Fashion that should be shown during NYFW... This is a Commercial Mass Market collection with little to no Spirit, Character or Signature. One Might as well be totally Anonymous in these Deeply Soulless, Styleless Basics!

Chillrens... This one just plain Tanked!

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Rebecca Minkoff.

Rebecca Minkoff decided to take a stroll down Mexico Way and come back with some Chic Chicas on her mind. While the spirit of Frida Kahlo hung lightly in the air... the clothes fell a little flat. Colourful and Bright with some Mexican Spice Liberally dashed through to give it Flair... but that couldn't save the collection from feeling too... Commercial.

There were some Peppy Floral Embroideries and Vivid Colours to give Buoyancy but the general shapes and Styling came across as Pedestrian. Nothing Captivated nor enthralled... It was primarily a A Cool, Slightly Edgy, Fashion Friendly Collection that didn't seem to be striving for greatness! It seemed to be content with being right Smack Dab in the Center of the Action and wasn't objectionable but also was not superlative!

There were a few Exits that showed a little Personality Plus... Exit No. 6 was a fun mix of the Sportif and the Girly looking like a Sports Jersey up top but was giving off great Femme Vibes lower in a Sunshine Yellow and Black Floral Print. Exit No. 17 was a perfect Exposition on the White trend going strong for Spring and was More edgy than cutesy and added much needed Bite! The Closer was worth the price of admission alone. A Diaphanous, Breezy Balloon High-Low evening gown (could this be another trend coming...???) in a Interiors inspired Floral print that was Simply In one word... EXQUISITE!

Even though the Accessories and Janelle Monae Singing live at the show were both Hotter than Hades the collection felt more Lukewarm and didn't match their heat! Not an altogether tragic outing for Minkoff but also one that did not quite live up to the Fiery Promise that the inspiration bragged on.

Good, Chillrens.... But not Great. And at this level, Great needs to be the jumping off point, Not the Finish line. let alone to not achieve the goal at all!

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Nicole Miller.

For Spring 2014 Nicole Miller was thinking "Vive La Revolution" and the taking of Versailles and how that translated into The Modern Woman's wardrobe and life. Her proposed answer seems to be slather everything in sight in prints and call that "Revolution" Yeah... not so much. What would be Revolutionary is if Miller Innovated her style beyond the Same looking outfits she seems to have been producing for the last couple decades. The Nicole Miller Signature is so Blatantly Obvious as to be Monotonous!

There isn't much to say... The Typical Nicole Miller Look was represented again without fail and some exits did quicken one's breath a little... A Floral print Trench coat at Exit No. 6 was RAVISHING and Masterful and only someone with Miller's tenure in the fashion Industry could produce something this Fearlessly Fabulous. As an aside... the prints Miller did use this season were Stunning. Just Spot-On Beautiful!

Also Worthy of mention, Exit No. 28 was Flat out EXQUISITE! A Bone Leather Embroidered Frock Coat worn over a "Revolution" Floral print Top and Tapestry Brocaded Olive Skinny Jeans hit all the fashion Marks and Was just a Forward, Luxurious and Gorgeous Outfit worthy of the Runway! And the Finale Exit, An embroidered Black Crepe Sheath Gown Spoke Effortless yet Luxed-Up Glam in a Dialect that everyone could understand!

Nicole's collection by no means was a Miss... nor was it A Hit. but it was filled with plenty of directional and wearable clothes that speak to Ms. Miller's Signature style in a satisfying and wholly Competent way! The only criticism is that, and it seems to be going round this season, is the lack of RISK! Taking a chance and moving out of one's comfort zone and trying something new... even if it's scary and maybe also not the best collection, but one can only get better at something if they make the first move to try!

Taken as a whole, This was a great Effort, But Chillrens... there is much room for improvement!

That's All.


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