Saturday, December 21, 2013

J. Crew.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Jenna Lyons has Transformed the Humble J. Crew Label from Mall Staple for the Prep Set to one of the the most Current Up-To-The-Minute Labels in Fashion and Carved out a High End Name without the High End Price tags. J. Crew now has it's own Distinct Style of Prep Chic but without the Stuffiness and none of the Suburban Affect of Basic Basics in 101 shades of Blah! In The same way Banana Republic Arced it's trajectory for the future away from the Ubiquity of it's parent Company, The Gap, and pretty much left The Gap to Flounder in trying to find it's Identity as a Company with it's departure of Patrick Robinson, Banana has Created a Very High End look with The Low end of High End Price Pointing. J. Crew has swept in on that wave and made itself even more relevant by storming the NY Fashion Week with it's "Installation" Fashion Shows that are Equal Parts Defile and 60's-Style Happening!

Lyons' Design Director of Womenswear, Tom Mora, set up a Dichotomy between the Expertly cut basics and Whimsical and Covetous Special Garments that had scads of balance and never teetered too far to one extreme. Usually the mix was the message, and the message had a "California Dreaming" Feel by way of Venice... Italy... Not California.

High Points Abound, Look No. 2 was Sublime in all white with Slouchy Pants and a Relaxed top that exuded cool confidence. Look No. 6 featured a Perfect Staple with a Perfect cut, A Navy Blazer that adds Instant Sophistication to anything it is worn with. Here with Denim Shorts and a Printed top it took the seriousness out of the blazer and made it Fun and Whimsical and just a little subversive! A Navy coat with Black Sequin Embroidery thrown over skinny pants in a splashy tropical floral print was serving up a Super Cool Luxe Boho vibe at Look No. 9 and then a Stunning Riff on the LBD at Look No. 10!

Look No. 17 was A Highly Desirable Take on the Toggle Fisherman's Coat in Citron Green with Olive shorts and a crystal embroidered top. And the All White Shorts Suit with Black Tuxedo Piping at Look No. 27 was an easy winner and will be on most Women's "Want" List!

In the Grand Scheme... with offerings like this and the sharp editing eye of Lyons and Mora, not to mention an eclectic and personal Point-Of-View, J. Crew should take it's looks to the Runway and get some real Supermodels of the moment into the clothes... The company can only benefit from doing such, just like Kate Spade! Take it to the Runway, And Soon! The Industry will begin to see the house more seriously and not as a Cottage Industry success by way of Overhaul, instead it will be seen as the Powerhouse of Modern American Fashion that it is! And That could ONLY be a good thing!

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