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Mon. 09/09/2013.


Just WOW! What A STUNNING Collection. One Of the Best of the season. I am floored by the Laser Focus and Scalpel-like Precision of this collection. It was a Brilliant Evocation of The Urban Warrior Woman. In a Blur of Icy White to start, the Collection felt like it was Brimming with The Most Studied Confidence EVER! Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco SMASHED It! Hands Down a TOTAL WINNER!

From the Start, It augered in the positive with a Home Run opening Exit In A White-On-White offering of a Linear Blouson top and Pencil Skirt in supple washed Leather. The procession of White just upped and upped the ante on the Clinically Reductionist Motif of these clothes with each exit. A Criss-Cross Top was paired with a Swingy A-Line Skirt and showed plenty of skin and was Classical and Sexy all at once at Exit No. 3, Exit No. 4 was one of the Pinnacle All White Outfits of the season. A Sharp Minimalist Trench with a Sheer Netting Back and paired with SKINNY Pants was a Triumph of Modernity and Sleekness. However, It was Exit No. 9, The last of the Snow Patrol that Was Tantamount to Sexual Climax in it's ACHING Purity and Sensuality! A Gown that would Give Alaia Wet Dreams and was so Expertly Sculpted to the body it looked as if it were an extension of the model...  Adjective Defying is what it is!

After White... Desert Like Nudes and Neutrals that Came at the Perfect Juncture to offer relief to the eye from all that Blinding White of the beginning... A Claude Montana Moment at Exit No. 13 in a Paper Bag Brown Burlap Linen Fit-And-Flare Dress was as Easy as it was Scalpel Sharp! Then a Pliant Safari Suede Trench Dress in Sand for Exit No. 14 was showing Kilometers of leg and was an exciting riff on the YSL Saharienne Look that has been popping up now and again this season.

Exit No. 19 took us to Bond Girl Sexbomb Territory with the Simplest pieces of a Bandeau, Short Shorts and a Loose, Comfy Knit Cardigan that OOZED Primal Sensuality! Then we were back in Kaufmanfranco Home Ground with a Couple Golden Evening outfits, 2 in Swirled Bull's-Eye pattern Plated Sequins in Shiny New Gold  and a Nude gown that covered from neck to wrist and all the way down to the floor in a Vined Floral pattern of Devore Panne Velvet also in Shiny New Gold!

After that Stunning Interlude the collection sailed home on One Strength After The Next... Touching on Black Leather, On Beaded Black Net, Hothouse Geranium Red Pieces and the Finale Of More Icy Blinding Magnificent White... Most Potent on Ms. Ajak Deng In a crossover slit front Criss-Cross Wrap topped Evening Gown at Exit No. 35. It was a Climactic Conclusion to a Breathtakingly Assured and Confident collection that was So Insanely Perfect That it's truly hard to put into words.

Kaufman and Franco with this collection threw down the Gauntlet and let everyone know... they aren't just makers of Glamourous, Expensive Evening wear...they communicated with POWERFUL Fashion that they are ready to take their rightful spot in the Spotlight as Designers with SERIOUS Skills and Exceptional Technique. This collection played like the dream of what every Svelte, Toned, Young in Spirit woman will want to dress like come Spring 2014 and this Blogger can Only, ONLY Hope that Ken and Isaac Keep up to this Gold Standard of a collection they just minted here... Because if they can, The Fashion Cosmos will have a couple of new Stars Twinkling in it VERY SOON!

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