Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vera Wang.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

What The Hell? That's all that one can be expected to think when Viewing this Astronomically Disastrous Mess that Vera Wang called a Spring 2014 Collection. 

It was Overwhelmingly Overdesigned and Appallingly Unflattering! I don't know what has Gripped Vera of Late, but this Furrow she continues to Plow of Atheltic/Sporty-Avant Garde/Modern Wear Has not only grown Tiresome and Weary, but has begun to verge onto, in the execution of the garments, The Grotesque!

Wang has suffered from the dedication to a style from the Polar Opposite end of the Spectrum of that of Donna Karan in her "New York" Collection but the results are Phenomenally the same... Redundant riffs on the same viewpoint and a continuing loss of Beauty, Style, Chicness and in my humble opinion, Credibility! Whereas Donna is Granola-Crunchy Desert Mesa Earth Mother Hippy Dippy, Wang seems to be Reductionist Athletic Sporty Glam Modernist Helmut Lang Wannabe! Whatever the case may be it strains the mind with the Incredulity of it all! 

It started, Like Most Tragic Stories, In a Good Place. Black On Black On MORE Black and felt Refreshing to the almost Rote succession this season of White on White. Here the Luxed up Fabrics were used in Innovative, Athletic/Sporty Combinations that had Built in Trickery but didn't come off Forced or Strained! It was all quite Sublime, Really. The Technical Mastery of these opening Garments was Formidable! 

However, the Boat Sprang A Leak at Exit No. 10... A Definitely Retina-Searing shade of Blue in a Filmy, Flimsy dress that began to show the overly tricked out side of Wang's Designs... she just began here and rolled smoothly downhill by adding on more and more design elements that served the clothes in no way but to make them totally unrealistic! Like most Leaks in a Boat, had it been attended to early enough and not let to fester... things may have been ok, but Vera Simply seemed to turn her back and continue to row further into deeper waters of the Eccentric. 

Intricate Interlays and Fabric Manipulations began to mount on one another and the clothes just suffered from their own insistence on being so Graphic and Technically Difficult. They Moved Beautifully, Yes. But they Looked less Diaphanous and more Haphazard! It was simply too much! 

Wang used to be known for Effortless Majesty! Her clothes looked  Easy but were Monuments to Exquisitely Excessive Technique and Facility! And they Looked Drop Dead Beautiful!! I don't mean just her Signature Goddess Gowns, I mean her Day Wear too! She has, one would surmise, lost her way in the thicket and has begun to make this her home instead of finding a way back to her True North. Maybe this Now IS her True North... 

Though, if it is, to be sure, she needs to limit the tricks and gimmicks and design REAL Clothes. Not Fantastical, Irrelevant Visions of Virtuoso Technique!

That's All.


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