Monday, March 31, 2014

Christophe Lemaire.

Weds. 09/25/2013.

Christophe Lemaire obviously has the "La Femme Francaise" Bit down Pat. Because for Spring 2014 he was giving the Incontrovertible truth that French Woman just GET Chic! They Live, Breathe, Inhabit all that is offhandedly A La Mode! His vision reeked of that Je Ne Sais Quoi element that imbues the French Woman with a natural grasp of all that is Fashion! 

Citing the Louche and Languid Indochine of Olde now known as Vietnam and bringing a a rigour from that area to the proceedings was just another nod to how the French Woman appropriates from all over the Globe and can coalesce those elements into something intrinsically Francais! 

Trenches and coats thrown about the shoulders in a terrifically cool way spoke in a thick French accent, Juxtapose that against say, Exit No. 9. a relaxed "Suit" cut more like a pair of pajamas in Creme De Caramel Satin, but owing more to the Vietnamese inspiration, gave a bit of jittery instability to the collection that refreshed the eye when things became too Metropolitan! A series of Drawstring waist shirtdresses accomplished that same thing but in the right hands could also be embarrassingly chic as well! 

Lemaire progressed from strength to strength in this most stridently confident of collections and whipped up a show full of chic and sporty options but all cloaked in a mantle of relaxed sophistication that was addictive and giddy! Lemaire has been remaking the Stolid house of Hermes in this mould of fantastical chic, At Hermes it's at the very Zenith of Luxury but there is something equally Luxurious about his namesake collection, something that if he continues in the way he is going, he may very well eclipse his own work at Hermes! 

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