Thursday, February 25, 2016

Anthony Vaccarello.

Tues. 03/03/2015.

Anthony Vaccarello.

Anthony Vaccarello surely knows his way around the Curves, Planes, Peaks and Valleys of a Woman's body... He has made himself something of an Overnight sensation by knowing such avenues and roads! In the beginning, Vaccarello's enthusiasm and effusive love of the Female figure led to clothes that were, putting it mildly, Overtly Sexual. Cutouts and Slits and Drapes and Plunging Necklines abounded with little cessation.

Then enter Donatella, she scooped up Vaccarello to give some needed "OOMPH" to what used to be HER Baby, when Gianni was amongst us, the Versus line, and Vaccarello began to temper his vision some, still body-con to the Nth degree, but with a more noticeable restraint and consideration that not all women want to look like they are dressing for the Highest End Red Light District around. Fall 2015 found Vaccarello in a particularly adept mode with cutting and draping, a preoccupation with a Star motif yielded Clever insets and cutouts and pieces following the symmetrical points of the Star, it came off quite masterful at times.

Take Exit No. 25... a sizzling Slice of Black composed front and center around a Grommet bedecked Star, with a Patch of supple leather in the skirt, that covered little, but had Big impact, mainly for the reason that while salacious as all Get-Out... it still looked like it had some Class in it's bones. Joan Smalls' penultimate exit also had that same allure, more modest perhaps, but still Generous in it's raunchiness! Vaccarello seems intent on furthering his vocabulary by showing he can grow beyond Sass and Ass, yet he doesn't want to frighten off loyalists by doing too radical a One-Eighty, this collection was somewhat the perfect amalgam of that intent and gives us much reason to think that this guy, To coin a Phrase, Has Got Legs!

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