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Mon. 03/02/2015.

By all accounts, the Caten Twins (Dean and Dan) of the Label Dsquared2 were inspired by their Canuck homeland in a Wild narrative suitable for either a Westwood or Galliano, or to be sure, the Catens themselves (who are always up for a good ripsnorting yarn of a fashion backstory!) that involved something about a Trunk of Clothes and Jewels from some Nameless Old European monarchy, falling from the heavens above from some aeroplane onto the frozen tundra of the Yukon only to be appropriated into the Wild, Rugged Native wears of the Indigenous Inuits of the area... Well.... OK! 

For all the fun that such an idea was ripe with for plundering... The Catens collection found itself far more Busy and overworked and wrought with reference that it failed to provide much entertainment or excitement. Gorgeous clothes abounded, Oh Yes, They Did, but they disappeared under the weight of excess. Usually, Excess is the Success of a Dsquared2 collection and it comes across as a Giddy sugar rush of Schlock, Good Bad Taste and Ravishing clothes. None of that was evident here, just heaps of clothes thrown on in an attempt at a mix of cultures that ultimately read more as Hodgepodge than Inspired Esoterica! To call it Cluttered would do an Injustice to the word! 

Some individual ideas shone with the Bright, Inspired light that the best Caten efforts explode with, a Tribal Printed fur coat with more Savage like fur trims on Mariana Santana was Excellent in the extreme, and that was pretty much because it was all that was going on (BTW... did the Caten boys really think those Tribal Tattoo bodystockings helped anyone... in any conceivable way? 'Fraid Not!) proving that every house is entitled to an off collection, the Catens found themselves smack dab in the middle of one with this partaking. It would appear their baser instincts got to them in this call to the Wild... Perhaps if they had injected a little more Old European Restraint into the mix, this wild child would have come off looking less like she had tussled with a wild Canadian Moose and more like an Inuit Princess! 

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