Thursday, February 25, 2016

Viktor & Rolf.

Weds. 03/04/2015.

Perhaps... Perhaps, IT IS for the best that Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren exit the Ready-To-Wear business. Fall 2015 was their final take on the metier and after this they are dedicating themselves to their Outlandish, but altogether Edifying Haute Couture business. For the last few (Maybe MORE than a few) years, the Duo's RTW collections have floundered pathetically from being either inert exercises of dulling and pseudo-intellectual drivel or have had the excitement of cold oatmeal. Which wasn't the case always, many moons ago, Horsting and Snoeren's Ready-To-Wear shows were the thing of Wild Debate and Heated Excitation, for their High Minded Artistic proclivities were borne out on the runway in Dazzling displays of Exquisite Technique and Derring-Do Showmanship!

But, those days are long behind them now, and one can only imagine they know this as well as anyone. The well of inspiration has run dry in this setting, their Couture shows are still Monuments to their Genius, Rightly so, since that is where they started, and with Flowerbomb, Bonbon and Spicebomb keeping them comfortable with their Immense success, they can give themselves the wiggle room to concentrate on what truly moves them. Obviously... Fall 2015 did NOT move them, No Sir!

This as a Fare-Thee-Well may have been as much a Bald statement of dissatisfaction as one could possibly envisage. The collection was pretty much, Worthless. The clothes were Sad, Deeply Sad. Maudlin would be another good word. The joy was leeched out to such a degree that the two designers were not even bothered to be on hand. It felt as if no effort at all was exerted to make this a celebration, it seemed to be a Mirror of frustration, even, one could sense, contempt. Maybe that's reading too much into it, Yet and still, That's how it played out, to my eye, at least. 

Hopefully, this will find the Dynamic Duo of Horsting and Snoeren in Greener pastures come Couture and that they can find that place that they seem to have traveled so far away from... Maybe all the need to do is Click their Heels together...

That's All.


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