Thursday, February 25, 2016

Giorgio Armani.

Tues. 03/02/2015.

Giorgio Armani.

As it is with another Elder Statesman of Fashion, Ralph Lauren, there is an unmistakable signature to the work of Giorgio Armani that one can spot across Kilometers. And, as with Lauren, that unerringly familiarity of the brand leads almost always, inevitably, to boredom and tedium. We know very well what to expect from both of these designers, they're not looking to Re-invent themselves anytime soon, and that is to both their detriment, for the unwavering dedication to their house codes leads them to produce collection after collection of recycled idioms and tropes.

Within that, when they are both good, they are very good, and when they can inject some freshness into their staid regurgitations, there are great dividends to be paid off. Fall 2015 was not such a showcase, but it was one of Armani's best reconfigurations to be seen in quite a while, even with those Goofy Wrap "Skirt" Front addendums to the pants that looked just plain and simple, Outlandish. Otherwise, the collection was somewhat Fascinating, something long missing from the collections as of late. All the best Armani Hallmarks were in rich evidence, the Man KNOWS his way around a Jacket and cut some Superior ones in this collection, and Armani also never met a Bugle Bead, Crystal, Sequin or Paillette he couldn't manipulate into something extraordinary, and that proof was displayed with blistering acumen this go-round!

There isn't much to go into detail about that honestly, a good look at the stills or the Video can't impart to the investigative. It's all there for one to absorb however they might find easiest. Armani isn't here to compete with or compare himself to anyone... much of what he invented most others are still trying to comprehend and perfect. Armani is working wholly to satisfy his whim and caprices, if there are those who don't get it... SO BE IT! He has Legions of clients that do and will, and that will keep his sales numbers in the BILLIONS as they have for the last decade! In Conclusion,,, Does Armani need ME to like what he does.... You figure that one out!

That's All.


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