Thursday, February 25, 2016

Guy Laroche.

Weds. 03/04/2015.

First collections for a new designer installed at a Storied fashion house can be either, A) Problematic in the Utmost... B) A Glorious enmeshing of that designer into the fabric of the house codes... Or, C) The designer can come in Full blast, wipe the slate clean and do something Fresh, New and Amazing. There is one other option... He/She can FAIL, Dreadfully so. That option was the one to be found with Newcomer Adam Andrascik at Guy Laroche. The Central Saint Martin's Alumni from Pittsburgh has an obviously Grunge/Metal defined P.O.V and trying to force that Square peg into the Round hole of Laroche was not only foolhardy, but Absurd!

Point One: The collection looked Tortured and Sloppy. This wasn't so much as a lack of style as honestly more a lack of Taste! The construction of the clothes were an insult to the Ateliers of Laroche and Andrascik should have been taken out back and Summarily Horse Whipped for the affront to their skills! Point Two: The collection was Purposeless and Aimless. One Cheap looking creation after another paraded forth with no real cohesive intent to be seen. Just as if, it was a Cavalcade of Pieces that Andrascik liked and were thrown together Willy-Nilly. 

This did not bode well for the house. Miracles of fashion happen all the time, Perhaps an immersion in the house of Laroche's Archives will bring some light of Inspiration and Clarity to Andrascik in future collections. If Not, and he continues with this kind of Bullshit... his stay will be mercifully, Short!

That's All.


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