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Sun. 03/01/2015.

Massimo Giorgetti was just handed the Keys to the Empire that is Emilio Pucci from the Sturdy hands of Peter Dundas, who had helmed that ship for 7 years with great success. Giorgetti has, within this new ascension decided to keep designing his own label. Perhaps the prospect of taking over such a well known label got to him this time, for his Fall 2015 was a curiously disappointing and oddball affair. Giorgetti is in essence, an Offbeat and Yes, Oddball, designer that trawls in the same Inspirational waters that Consuela Castiglioni so often delves in, This collection however, squared a bit too much outside the circle and looked just Off-Kilter more so than Kooky!

Violently Bright and Turgid colour combos were the catch of the day, and they kept the Simple, Clean, mostly Minimal shapes from being Anodyne and Lifeless, at times though, it simply was too much for the eye to digest properly. Purple and Pink, Ultramarine Blue and Orange, add to that, too many pieces later in the collection skewed toward the "Commercial" side of fashion and did not look elevated at all. Winners were to be found, a Camel Mohair Swing top and Squash Cropped Flare pants looked decidedly Soigne and had a Louche, Chic appeal, While a Buttercup Yellow high-neck blouse was speaking Victorian, but made Modern with silky Lilac pants with a Track stripe down the side. 

Giorgetti has some big shoes to fill for sure, (Dundas did seem to wear about a 12 or a 13) at Pucci, but the first order of business is to get his own work up to snuff before he even thinks of tackling the Beast that is Pucci. This collection leaves a Spectre of doubt over the viability of him taming the Pucci Giant! We Will See...

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