Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dolce And Gabbana.

Sun. 03/01/2015.

It was a show that one could have easily been distracted from the plethora of Outstanding clothes... Plenty of Distractions abounded to be sure. For Fall 2015, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had a Stage filled with Mamas and Bambini, a Generously Pregnant Bianca Balti strolling along, looking ready to break water at any moment, Bosom Plentifully ripe... and add to that the Schmaltzy Theme of celebrating Good ol', Dear old Mom, well, along with distractions things could have gone hopelessly Sentimental and Cheesy! 

What actually transpired was one of Domenico and Stefano's Best collections to date, The Sentimentality was Heartfelt and Genuine and because it was a little cheeky too, it was Fun and Upbeat and not Lugubrious and Maudlin. There wasn't much in the way to really highlight fashion wise, the collection was filled to the brim with Outstanding and Exquisite pieces, from the Hand-Embroidered Rose on the opening exit to the by now familiar 60's Italian Housewife styling (which was in fuller effect here than usual) all the boxes were dutifully ticked off... Black Boxy Broadtail Sicilian Widow Skirt suit, Roger. Swing coat over a Brocaded shift dress with some flare, You Got It! Red Lace... Check! Corsets, Bras and Bustiers... C'Mon, like you gotta ask! The collection was replete with the D&G Hallmarks. 

This is not to insinuate that this season all those items were not of an Extraordinary Ilk, for they truly were some of the most Top-Notch iterations of those signatures to come down the pike in a good while, the actuality of it all is that there was such a surfeit of Excellence that to try and pin down any one thing was exceedingly formidable. Maybe it was because it was an Homage to their Beloved Mammas that the Duo came up with some of the most Stunning pieces to be seen this season. From a Perfect Black Crepe Wiggle dress on Ophelie Guillermand to a Virginal and Chaste White Shift with a Awing Red Rose embroidered front and center. The Rose predominated this collection from back to front, and what is More Quintessential than Roses for Mom? It's the flower we all associate with our Mom's, the one we choose to give her for Birthday's, Mother's Day, Valentines, Et Cetera... So for Domenico and Stefano to go so Hog Wild for the Queen of Flowers to be the ambassador of all things Maternal, there was little chance of getting it wrong.

The collection ended with a panoply of Delightful Gazar and Organza pieces printed with the Crayon and Pencil drawings of the Nieces and Nephews of Dolce that in their Delicate and Joyous Naivete, reminded us to sometimes look at the world a little more innocently, we do get trapped in the Daily Awfulness and Horror of the world, and our own lives sometimes, this was a reminder to, even if for a few, brief, shining moments, that the world can still be a source of Delight and Whimsy. And, As I Am, if you're Lucky Enough, Really Goddamn Lucky, when things are definitely getting you down... You've got Mom there to make you feel better. Thanx, Mom! 

That's All.


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