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Fri. 03/06/2015.

A TRIUMPH! A Total Spectacular! Alexander Wang finally got everything perfectly right, from beginning to end, Wang's Fall 2015 Balenciaga collection was totally On Point! Merging Modernity and Classical house shapes, Wang focused on as he put it, "The Society Women, The Aristocrats, The Regal Women" that Cristobal used to swath in his famous exactingly executed Couture. That couture was the Jumping off point for Wang as he tailored contemporary visions of those famous Balenciaga silhouettes. 

Not only did plundering the Balenciaga archives prove fruitful for Wang, it proved that Wang can actually immerse himself in the history of the house and come up with something modern and fantastic with classical inspirations, something he has not imbibed in his tenure thus far at the house. Poaching from the Oeuvre of his predecessor, Nicholas Ghesquiere has not proved in any way successful and has led to a glut of unimpressive collections from the usually incredibly talented Wang. 

On this day, it all came together cohesively and stunningly to produce a monumental collection that as backward looking as it was, was also firmly future forward and looking directly ahead. The Futuristic approach that had it's echoes in downtown punk and Subversive culture, Rubber Embroideries, Stapled seams, Quivering Spikes of Bugle beads set on their end to mimic Fur, Metal Paillettes made of Razor Blades... Even the B/D insinuation in the Belted Black Leather collars threw the most refined of looks dynamically askew! Wang pronounced that he was interested in the "Original Balenciaga Clientele" I am not quite sure what they would have made of these subtlely perverse offerings, but the modern day Socialite is going to find them Irresistible! 

Usually, most collections of such Virtuosity are worthy of dissection and debate, taking a long look at multiple outfits and parsing out their component parts to make some grand revelation come to the fore... This was not one of those occasions! Wang so Effortlessly and Brilliantly concocted a Modern Day Time Warp that transcended this Era but was profoundly perfectly correct for this epoch, that to pick and choose and analyze destroys the wonderment of it all. Simply indulging in the visual orgasm of the clothes says all that is needed... And Much More! 

That's All.


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